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Bassnectar Releases 'You & Me' From Upcoming Album

Bassnectar has been slowly releasing tracks off his upcoming album, Noise vs Beauty, which will be released on June 24. “You & Me," featuring W Darling, is the third track Bassnectar has released from his album. The track premiered on SiriusXM's BPM channel on Monday Night.

The two other tracks that Bassnectar released from his 15-track album are “Now” and “Ephemeral.” All of the tracks have a different vibe, so we can’t wait to hear what the whole album will be like. “You & Me” is a melodic dubstep track with angelic vocals from W Darling, while “Now” has more of a trap influence, and “Ephemeral” is more of a transient-bass track

Bassnectar revealed in a Facebook post that the track is available for free download when you pre-order Noise vs Beauty from Bassnectar.net. We’re sure that Bassnectar has more tricks up his sleeve before the album drops, so be sure to follow him for more updates.


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