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Wolfgang Gartner & Popeska Release 'We Are The Computers' As A Free Download

Kindergarten Recordings founder Wolfgang Gartner has enlisted the help of Popeska, his label's rising star, to create "We Are The Computers." The track debuted at 11pm Eastern Time last night on Kramer's SiriusXM radio show. As a thank you to their fans, the two producers released "We Are The Computers" as a free download this morning.

Despite being named "We Are The Computers," this tune possesses a soulful, funky groove. The track has a French house and disco vibe, but it also features toned-down elements of the electro sound that propelled Wolfgang Gartner to stardom a few years ago. Throughout the track, a robotic voice states, "We are the computers." Although the voice is robotic, it does not remove any of the emotion created by the instrumental. Like Daft Punk did with their album last year, Wolfgang Gartner and Popeska have turned an object that's inherently soulless—computers in this case—into something that can actually add emotion to a track. 

Wolfgang Gartner and Popeska are playing at Avalon in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 24.  If you live in Southern California and want to hear "We Are The Computers" played on one of the top nightclub sound systems in the country, we highly recommend checking out the show. You can buy tickets here.

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