EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The McMash Clan's 'Birds Sing' EP and Dodge & Fuski Remix Premiere

The McMash Clan is a 3-man tour de force that is turning heads left and right within today’s bustling EDM scene. Thanks to their seamless genre-blending style that appears to touch on every sound around, the trio has released their music on record labels such as Play Me, Mutant Bass, and most recently Circus Records. The next release in The McMash Clan’s varied catalogue is the Birds Sing EP, and it is a four-track release oozing with heavy-bass vibes and eccentric melodies.

From start to finish, the Birds Sing EP displays the group’s incredible grasp on production, mixing together a vast array of genres, styles and tempos. As opposed to solely working with bass-orientated artists, the EP also features a number of other non-EDM musicians, such as the UK-based Late Day Breakers on the ‘Bird Songs’ single. The tune is a bouncy and swinging number that plays off of the catchy vocal melody, only to drop into a rippling bass rhythm and glitch-inspired synthline. The singer Kate Mullins also brings a delightful vocal arrangement to the EP’s drum & bass-influenced single ‘Requiem,’ which was previously released on Circus Record’s Grand Central LP. ‘Shadow Dance,’ the third single off the EP, is one of the more unique tracks off the release. Its rhythmically atmospheric sound is contrasted by an on-going sense of frenzy, and its heavy synth stabs and break-influenced drum pattern make the single suitable for any club or festival.

The final track on the EP, Dodge & Fuski’s elaborate remix of ‘Jericho,’ has been exclusively provided by EDM.com for your listening pleasure, and we have had it on repeat since first listen. The bass-centric duo, known for their intricate sampling skills, take this already heavy track and turn things up a notch with their rubberbanding bass growls and off-kilter groove. Take a listen to the full streaming of the single below and be sure to pre-order the full EP here!

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