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Dannic & Dyro On Hardwell's Influence & Their Recent Success [Interview]

Dannic and Dyro have been inextricably connected over the past few years. As members of Revealed Recordings, the two producers have had the opportunity to learn from Hardwell.

Dannic says, "I've known Robert Hardwell for nine years already. We've been best friends since even before his big success. We share the same passion and it's so good to do this with one of your best buddies. I met Dyro about three years ago at one of the first Revealed label nights in Amsterdam. He's been a part of the team since then. We just clicked immediately. It's great to share this experience with those two guys." 

"The thing is that we have a business relationship, but we're also really good friends," says Dyro. "It's amazing that we can be honest with each other. Honesty is difficult to find as a successful person. A lot of people just want to please you at all times. We're good friends, so if we do something that's not good enough, we have no problem telling each other that it's not good."

Dannic, Dyro, and Hardwell all surprised fans when they took the stage together at Ultra Music Festival earlier this year. "Ultra was crazy," says Dannic. "Dyro, Hardwell, and I actually ended up playing back-to-back-to-back because of the heavy weather. They expected to shut down the whole stage. That was actually during my set time, and when they reopened the stage, I only had five minutes left to play. The boys were saying, 'Come on man, let's do this with all three of us.' It ended up going really, really well."

For a long time, Dannic and Dyro stood in Hardwell's shadow. However, both producers broke out in a big way last year, and their hard work was rewarded with spots on the DJ Mag Top 100. Dannic earned the #74 spot on the list. Dyro rocketed all the way to #30, which was the highest placement for a newcomer. 

"The DJ Mag Top 100 has had a major impact to be honest," admits Dannic. "It's like people started to get to know me better and started taking me more serious or something."

Dyro adds, "It's really cool to be on the list because so many people voted for you. It's like a recognition of all of your hard work. I'm happy with the position and I'm hoping to move up in future years."

The entire Revealed family does an awesome job of maintaining a strong social media presence, which is helpful when it comes to the DJ Mag Top 100. Dannic says, "It's important to interact with your fans and keep up with them. I'm very active on Twitter and Facebook. It really brings me close to them, and I love replying to them. For example, one girl wanted to have a meet and greet, so I direct messaged her on Twitter, and we made that happen. That's why I love social media in general."

For a relatively unknown producer to make it big, it has become necessary to build up your social media profiles. Yes, being a talented producer is important, but that's simply not enough these days. To book tour dates and get your songs out to the masses, you need to build up your social media presence and leverage it to increase your popularity.

After a wildly successful 2013, Dannic and Dyro both look forward to closing out 2014 on a high note.

"I'm working on a lot of new tracks. A collaboration with Dyro is on its way," reveals Dannic. "That one will be released in June. I'm working on my next vocal track. I recently released a vocal track with Bright Lights. I'm always working on new music, and that's what people can expect from me in 2014."

Dyro says, "Expect a lot more studio work for the rest of 2014. I had some recent studio work where I finished five new songs. Basically I want to work on new music. Also, there will be more shows and a lot more hard work. I just want to please the fans. I really appreciate their support every single day. The reason I'm here is because of them."

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