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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 11

Got any extra hand sanitizer sitting around? You're going to need it this week.

What's up, crew? I'm back for another volume of the dirty dubstep thing we do on a weekly basis. I hope that you're all ready for some mammoth tracks, because this lineup has a bunch of them. FuntCase might be the only big name of the group that you recognize, but you'll be glad that you gave these other producers a chance. Your computer's about to be heavily coated in bass music filth.

5. Subject 31 - Baskin Robbins

How is one honestly supposed to handle the nastiness that is Subject 31? This kid’s music sounds like he wandered into a dark alley, armed with nothing but a 2x4 and a lead pipe, only to emerge 30 minutes later with some of the most bacteria-riddled dubstep to ever see the light of day. If we don’t make a serious effort to quarantine this song immediately, I’m worried about the well-being of the entire human race. I mean, seriously, who could’ve ever guessed that a song titled “Baskin Robbins” would generate such a large wake of chaos and devastation? Not this writer, that’s for sure! But after thoroughly investigating both of these butt-kicking drops with my own ears, I’m buying whatever it is that Subject 31 is selling.

4. CrazyMT - Wind (RoughMath Remix)

I love that I’m finally getting the opportunity to include RoughMath in this weekly segment. This producer has always been a personal favorite of mine and as far as dubstep goes, I feel like he’s one of the more versatile musicians doing it big right now. There’s just something about his stellar sound that bass enthusiasts just can’t resist. Plus, when he sets his sights on whipping up a dirt-nasty tune, this guy doesn’t hold back! Trust me, I’ve seen him uncork some big bangers in the past, but this new remix of CrazyMT’s “Wind” might very well feature his dirtiest drops to date. This heavy metal heater will take your head off! Please take a few steps back from your speakers before pressing the play button on this one.

3. The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE (Dino Snax Remix)

Well, if you ask me, Dino Snax definitely gets the award for the most clever dubstep remix of 2014 so far. They’ve also won the award for clocking in at the #3 spot on this week’s countdown. These guys are just raking in the accolades. Now, when I first got word that Kill Rex & Savo had joined forces to form Dino Snax, I was fairly excited. Then I noticed that their first track together was this anything-goes remix of The Chainsmokers’ hit song “#SELFIE,” and I instantly got way, way more exited. I don’t know how they managed to cram so many recognizable samples (so effectively) into one tune, but I enjoy everything about it. Besides being built with a pair of incredibly powerful drops, this whole production is just downright hilarious! You’ll be left laughing more than an evil genius.

2. Squnto & Lord Swan3x - IMPRESSIVE

Much like Subject 31, I’ve had Lord Swan3x’s name flying around the inside of my noggin a lot lately. Then his new collaboration with Squnto just strolled onto the dubstep scene like it was no big deal, and I felt like it had to be some type of sign from above. This was meant to be! Plus, free music this filthy just doesn’t fall out of trees. So do yourself a damn favor and take full advantage of these situations when they come along. When “IMPRESSIVE” reaches the first drop, you're going to feel the hurt like you’ve never felt it before! Oh, I’m sorry, do you need a break? Well, that’s too bad, because this second drop is about to sneak up on you like a samurai in the shadows. Only, that samurai is really a serial killer, and he’s got a chainsaw instead of a katana. I don’t like your chances for survival.  

1. Getter - Fallout (FuntCase Remix)

Last week, we had Cookie Monsta slotted at #1, and this week, it’s FuntCase. I guess I have a thing for producers on Circus Records. Having said that, the most recent release from this bass music maniac comes to us courtesy of Firepower Records. Getter’s “Fallout” received quite the remix treatment when it first came out, but things have definitely quieted down since. Which is why it seemed like the perfect time for Funty to resurrect this absolutely mental dubstep tune! Answering the all-important question that this song always poses, “Is that a real gun? Do you kill people?”, FuntCase retaliates with a menacing response of his own, “This one will kill people!” After you hear each of these three earth-shattering drops, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

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