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EDM.com Spotlight

Trance Thursday: Vol. 6

Progressive Track of the Week

Sensetive5 - Full Moon (Part Two) ft. Irina Makosh (Meridian Remix)

Admittedly, much of trance music uses similar chord progressions, especially when it comes to some particularly-cheesy uplifting trance. As a result, when a song comes along that is more unique in this regard, our ears here immediately perk up—or they would if we had the ability to make them do so. "Full Moon (Part 2)" has a great progression, and Meridian turns it up a notch by infusing it with energy and drive rarely seen in a progressive track. Accompanied by Irina Makosh's gorgeous vocals, it all transforms into a spectacular piece of music that belongs in the library of every trance fan.

Tech Track of the Week

Ashmawi - Auralize (Stephane Badey Remix)

Speaking of drive and energy, Stephane Badey takes what is otherwise a somewhat-calming uplifting trance song and turns it into a killer tech track. This remix really shines through its percussion and bassline - not only do they feed off of each other, but they contribute together to the feel of the song to create something very rhythmic and fast-paced. While the drop is quite minimal, it also manages to retain a significant amount of energy. Definitely a keeper for us.

Uplifting Track of the Week

Sean Tyas – Ascend

How could we not feature this new release as the uplifting track of the week? After giving us a killer interview, Sean Tyas went on to release an insane forward-thinking trance song which he described as "Trance 3.0"—basically, a heavy focus on good sound design and mixing along with more simplified melodies, incorporating the drive of classic trance music. It might be at a lower BPM than what most uplifting tracks are, but it certainly fits the bill in all other aspects, and puts to shame most other artist's production quality. Tyas is definitely one of the more stellar producers in the genre, and this song really shows that.

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