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An Open Letter to Dubstep

[This is an open letter to my long lost love, Dubstep.]

Dear Dubstep,

I know that we have grown apart in the past few years, and I would like to apologize for a few things. First off, I would like to apologize for being such a hipster and hating you when you changed. Secondly, I would like to apologize on your behalf, for treating me like a disposable piece of trash.

In the beginning, our relationship was beautiful. I would get lost in your deep beats for hours on end. I loved the way your minimal bass reverberated through my spine, and I loved the way you made me feel when I listened to you. I miss when you focused on the bass, instead of focusing on all those frills. Back then, a drop wasn’t necessary. Back then, all that mattered was that the audience appreciated a well-crafted track. Back then, you were the King and I was your Queen. The love between us in those days was so strong and so deep that I thought nothing could separate us. You were the love of my life.

I would spend all week listening to you through my headphones instead of paying attention in my high school math class. I knew finals were coming up, and I should have been paying attention, but my mind was on the weekend. I would scour show listings to see if you would be out. I went to show after show, using a fake ID just to hear you and be with you. I would fight my way to the front to feel the bass reverb in my spine, or hang at the back near the bar and just let you wash over me. Every moment with you was pure bliss.

The next few years were amazing. For years we did everything together. We rode bikes, chilled in parks, and stayed out late. You were there for the good times, and you also helped me through the bad. You were with me when a relationship failed, when I got into a fight with someone, you were even there when I had to move out of my house at 17. We grew together over the years, and it meant the world to me. My iPod carried 160gb of you, and at the end of the day, you were the only thing I cared about.

I realize now I was being naive. Something happened and it dismantled our relationship forever. Quite simply, you changed. Certain producers started coming in and warping your sound. You started getting too hectic. You were pulled in a thousand different directions, and you lost yourself along the way. Tracks became drop after drop, and I would be running to catch up with you. That’s when I gave up and you finally lost me. Every song I listened to felt like a battle in my brain, and I refused to flail like the millions of other kids at the shows. Why? Because I knew this wasn’t you. In my opinion, you weren’t even trying to reach your full potential anymore. You were settling for something less. Dubstep was on the lips of every kid in town and I felt like you had cheated on me. You grew into a monster. An uncontrollable dance machine monster.

Now, after a few years apart, I realize that we were both in the wrong. You should never have incorporated that many synths into your tracks, and I should have let go of the past and accepted that you wouldn’t stay the same forever. I think its safe to say that although I have fond memories of you, we never would have worked, and you’ve gone too far to ever come back. Sometimes I listen to you and all the old playlists we made together, and I feel a deep sense of nostalgia for who we used to be. But those days are dead and gone. I hate to use the word “goodbye,” because it feels too permanent, so instead I’ll say “I’ll see you soon” - but we both know that is a lie.

Written by Gabe Gilker

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