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EDM.com Spotlight

Fox Stevenson Releases Versatile EDM-Pop “All This Time” EP

"All This Time" fuses EDM and Pop seamlessly

Even if you aren’t a fan of fusing EDM and Pop initially, you might change your mind after you hear All This Time, the latest EP released by UK-based producer Fox Stevenson.

The 4-track EP may remind listeners of artists like Owl City, but with much more "dance music" vibe. From the title track “All This Time” to its final track "Crystal," All This Time showcases a happy synth sound that is present throughout the whole the EP. What really makes the release such a fusion of EDM and Pop, however, are the catchy lyrics and hooks that are added to each song, as they truly create a memorable and distinct sound. Unlike most of the other EDM-Pop artists you’ve probably heard, Fox Stevenson has created a very unique sound that will undoubtedly blow up in the coming months. You can listen to All This Time below, and if you like the vibes of this new release, Stevenson has a plethora of other tunes available for listening on his Soundcloud account. With productions in nearly every genre of EDM you can think of, Fox Stevenson is certainly a name to remember. Be sure to listen to his newest release below and expect big things from this talented artist!

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