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9 EDC Facts to Impress Your Friends With

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In case you were living under a rock this past week, Electric Daisy Carnival: Las Vegas recently announced its full lineup this year, and we haven't been able to keep our minds off it since. Amidst all our planning ahead and deciding which hotel to book, what outfit to wear, or how much money to save, there's still a pretty long journey ahead of us until we reach Sin City. We're not sure how you'll be managing your time while travelling, but we've decided to dig up some kick-ass facts about EDC to help pass the time. Get to know this veteran festival and impress your friends with these nine interesting stats!


In 2011, the San Bernadino-born festival EDC was hosted in Las Vegas for its first time ever. This was also the first time that the festival lasted three full days, as in previous years the gathering only took place between one or two days. The new location and additional day yielded quite a powerful response from veteran attendants, as about 77% of the people that travelled there that year came from California.


Since finding its new home in Sin City, Electric Daisy Carnival has generated around $621 million for Las Vegas's local economy.


In 2004, EDC was still finding itself (and apparently its wallet too) at its original location of San Bernardino, CA. There was both a hip-hop stage sponsored by Guerilla Union (who now produces the Rock the Bells festival) and a hardcore stage sponsored by Guitar Center as well.


In 2005, EDC San Bernardino hosted its broadest variety of genres. Its circuitGROUNDS stage that year hosted a handful of rock bands such as Ozomatli, the Donnas, Louis XIV, and Moving Units. On top of rock performances, EDC also saw a set by the iconic rap group Jurassic 5 that year.


Outside of its gatherings in California and Nevada, the EDC franchise has visited Texas (2001), Colorado (2008), Puerto Rico (2009), Florida (2011), New York (2012), London (2013), Chicago (2013), and Mexico (2014).


The first time Bassnectar ever performaned at EDC was in 2006, considerably before the rise of the 'EDM' movement in America. Since then, he has performed at 4 other EDC gatherings, making this upcoming performance at Las Vegas his sixth time playing at an EDC festival.


When Electric Daisy Carnival was hosted at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum between 2007-2008, the festival saw a huge spike in attendance. While the crowd was estimated at a record-breaking 40,000 people its first year there, sources say the festival brought in over 65,000 people its following year.


The first time the festival became a multi-day affair was in 2009 in L.A., as it ran both Friday and Saturday night that year. Once again, attendance shot through the roof as over 90,000 people were estimated to attend the festival's Saturday performances.


Last year, non-locals in Las Vegas spent an average of $404-per-day throughout the festival weekend. Attendants last year altogether spent about $45 million alone on food and drinks.

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