EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Wise Words From Big Gigantic, Milo & Otis and Gladiator at Mysteryland USA

Highlights from our interviews at Mysteryland

While at Mysteryland USA last weekend, EDM.com got to catch up with three different duos that performed at The Boat stage. All three pairs had something interesting to share with us regarding new tunes, tours and other funny stories - check out what they had to say!

Big Gigantic (Dominic & Jeremy)

EDM.com: You've been credited as one of the first electronic acts to incorporate live instruments into your set - have you guys thought of any other ways to innovate your performances?

Jeremy: It’s kind of a constant evolution. And we’ve done stuff in the past with singers and other live band situations. We’ve really had fun exploring, but we always come back to what we do. I feel like that because music is moving so quickly, and this dude (Dominic) is just producing all day and has been trying to drive that and keep the creativity between the two of us - but it’s never been a competition back and forth.

Dominic: We still figure out a way to innovate what we are. 

Jeremy: Yea, we bring in other aspects, whether it’s doing different things with lighting or figuring out how to make this whole live show unique to us. Like when we went to Coachella we brought out a whole marching band; the Shadow Hills high school marching band from Indio, California. After they were called, we flew in and went over everything that we wanted to do in our set. We were hanging out when Derek (Pretty Lights) was starting out, and he had a drummer originally and that’s how he started. So we were like "this makes sense," and from there we combined our sax and drum melodies together with electronic.

Dominic: We have our music, and then we do our live show, which is just to have fun ya know - we’re at a festival.

EDM.com: I’m interested in some of the reactions you’ve had when playing some of your first festivals.

Jeremy: People have always been welcoming to it. When we first played the sax and drums, people would have these confused looks on their faces. Throughout the night they would catch on to it and get into it more, and by the end, we won them over. It’s a good feeling to have to work for it! We’re all about preaching our gospel; this is what we believe in, and this is what we’re about. We’ve opened for a lot of acts and the crowd would be like, “Oh, it’s like musical, but it’s raging music too!”

EDM.com: You guys are set to perform at the Mad Decent Boat Party, what are you guys most excited about for this event?

Dominic: We are a little bit different than most of the acts, and it helps and hurts in a way- I mean there’s a lot of DJs, and I love artists that are talented and you can definitely see that shit from a mile away, whether they’re talented or just boring. The Mad Decent family knows what their doing and it’s just awesome that they’re bringing us on board.

gLAdiator (Ian & Danl)

EDM.com: How’d you guys meet and get started with gLAdiator?

Ian: We went to high school together and met in 9th grade. We started Djing together about 3-4 years ago after working independently; you see we both had a similar interest in djing and halfway through college we grew from djing house parties for a hobby, to actually producing and building a small fan base.

EDM.com: You guys recently started doing this officially about a year and a half ago correct? 

Danl: Yes about a year and a half ago. And Dillon Francis gave us this really good piece of advice one time - “Overnight success takes 5 years.” So we hold very true to that- always working, and that quote is what we really take to heart. We didn’t just blow up over night- a lot of work went into this. For almost a year we both had part-time jobs and were still figuring out if DJing is what we wanted to do and continue to build full-force. Hard work plus perseverance equals luck- there’s always a little bit of luck that goes into everything and of course the work you put behind it to make the connections and show up. 

EDM.com: Your latest EP Assembly Line just dropped a couple months ago, how did that come to fruition and how has the feedback been?

Ian: Before, we hadn’t really put anything out there, so now it puts out a different sound for us and people really appreciated it. The EP was a little more dynamic and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from everyone and it meant a lot. I think what was so nice about this EP was that fact that new artists were like, 'Yo you guys really did it on this one' or 'this track is really hot.' Bassnectar out of the blue told us that “Work” was his favorite track - that’s a benchmark that I’m gonna hold on to from now on. 

EDM.com: What’s next for you guys?

Danl: Make a bunch on music! We have a lot of remixes coming out and a few originals to put out. There's gLAdPVCK stuff to come out on Ultra Records too, so we’re just sitting on a bag of new stuff in the works. Another album is definitely something we’d like to put in the works too. We want to do it right, so it’s something we’ll have to take our time on in the future.

EDM.com: What do you want everyone to know? 

Danl: Wear your earplugs and drink water! There’s a big difference between ’69 Woodstock sound rather than the sound now at Mysteryland with thousands of watts slamming into your ears.

Milo & Otis (Graham & Matt)

EDM.com: You guys initially performed separately as killaGraham and NYMZ before Milo & Otis; How’d you meet & combine forces?

Graham:  It’s a funny story; do you guys know who Henry Fong is? Henry Fong was DJing this bar, and I was still doing Killagraham, dubstep wasn’t even like really anything yet, and I was like 'Yo man play some dubstep,' and he was like 'cool!' Then we became Facebook friends and he looked me up and found three of my dubstep songs and he’s like 'cool man,' we’re starting this “Riot Night.” So a couple months prior, Henry and Matt were friends and they were starting this Riot Night and invited me over and we all started playing this Riot Night event, and then like two years later it became one of the biggest nights in Orlando. DallasK came over too, and we all worked on this Riot Night and that’s how we all sort of met. From there we wanted to fuck around with moombahton, then we came out with “Wonder Wall” and everything sort of went from there. 

EDM.com: You guys are currently on Skrillex's Mothership tour - how did your relationship with Skrillex first come about? 

Matt: It all happened in January or February, when the connection first came about. I had just moved out to Orlando in October, and our buddy Blaze who worked at OWSLA emailed us back in January, cc:ing Sonny. This is after we put out the remix “Stand Up” which Sonny wanted to hear- and he sent his number over and we started talking and clicked pretty well, and that’s how “Stranger” came about. 

Graham: We did “Stranger” all in about one night. The vocals were already written and worked out by Sonny - that guy never sleeps.

EDM.com:  How has the tour been so far? What is the Mysteryland crowd like compared to other crowds you've performed to?

Matt:  It's been amazing.  We've had a lot of big crowds so far but none like lately, with places like Denver having crowds over 1,400 people.  Then the other night the weather looked iffy and as soon as we started playing the clouds broke away and we just raged into the night.

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