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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 12

These sinister drops are going to scar your ears... for life.

Hello to all of you out there in EDM Land, welcome to our dubstep drop zone. It feels like every week the tracks we feature just keep getting exponentially more disgusting! We’ve probably never required a bath more than we do right now, but when there’s urgent (bass-related) work to be done, somebody’s got to do it. Names like Datsik, Protohype, & EH!DE will surely grab your attention off the bat, but this week’s entire stable is overstocked with tremendous talent. This promises to be one hell of a race from the starting gate to the finish line.

5. Lucky Date - Freak (Protohype Remix)

Are daggers falling from the sky? Nope, it’s just the new tune from Protohype. Oh, whew, thank god. I thought we were all dead meat there for a second. Still though, this new track is clearly equipped with synths so sharp that only a butcher’s steady hands are qualified enough to put them to use. A bass butcher that is! Opening with a characteristic introduction that emphasizes the grandiose nature of his high-energy productions, this musician’s remix of Lucky Date’s “Freak” is outfitted with a double dose of downright nasty drops. The first drop remains true to this song’s trapstep roots, while the second definitely ups the ante. Instead of transitioning immediately into the normal drum pattern, you’re greeted with a brief hardstyle build-up. This subtle adjustment makes the drop resonate all the more when it suddenly switches back to it’s normal pace. Protohype is pushing more filth than anybody in the EDM game right now.

4. Bukez Finezt - Yo Ez Bruv

You would think that the title of this song would serve as fair warning to anybody willing to challenge it’s authority. But “Yo Ez Bruv” has already been out for a full week and we’re still getting reports of drops so dirty that not even Mr. Clean himself could do a thing to rectify the situation. Got a mop? Great! How about a broom? Fantastic! Where’s the closest vacuum? Found it! Okay, now, what I need you to do is to put all of those items into one pile, douse that pile with lots of gasoline, and then light a match and watch that bonfire burn baby. Because even the world’s most effective cleaning supplies couldn't begin to scrape off the gunk that’s been left behind from each of these contaminated drops. Please direct your attention to Bukez Finezt - it’s grime time!      

3. EH!DE - Get Busted

It amazes me how many people out there are still not yet aware of EH!DE. Drawing on influences from popular producers like Spag Heddy, Eptic, Protohype, & MUST DIE!, this youngster certainly has what it takes to become the next big sensation in today’s ever-changing dubstep landscape. When his new Dark Matter EP surfaced last week, it wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ one of these thunderous songs would make it onto our decorated countdown - it was a matter of where it would end up. Slotted firmly in the #3 position, “Get Busted” spews out so many dangerous emissions that you might need to call in your local environmental agency for assistance. Drop #1 is identical to drop #2, but if anything, that repetition only reinforces the raw strength and power behind this indestructible production. Keep a close eye on EH!DE, he’s definitely going places.  

2. Destroid - Annihilate (Datsik Remix)

I already know what you’re thinking. How can this new Datsik remix be allowed to qualify for a spot on this week’s lineup? So before you get carried away and tell me that I’m crazy for including a song that’s half dubstep and half drum & bass, just allow me to explain myself. Yes, it’s true that this song technically features only one dubstep drop, but if you ask me, that’s not a good enough reason to exclude this epic tune from our list of dirty drops. If anything, it should be viewed as an incredibly impressive feat that "Annihilate" has even managed to make it past the cutoff, let alone clock in at our #2 spot. Can you imagine if the second drop was dubstep too? This banger would’ve been this week’s undisputed champion! No questions asked. You don’t know the true meaning on the word ‘dirty’ until you know Datsik.

1. The Brig - Black Pearl

Well, this is about as big of a dark horse as you’ll ever see in our #1 position. The Brig, formerly known at Artem Zlobin, has been busy rebuilding his musical persona, and the transformation hasn’t only caught us off guard, it’s completely blown our freaking minds! As part of his recently released Black Pearl EP, the beyond-brilliant title track features drops that are so absurdly chaotic, you won’t know which way is up or down. Seriously, if you get nauseous easily or are a sucker for motion sickness, please be sure to operate this musical composition with extreme caution. There are so many dramatic rises and falls, unpredictable twists and turns, and bizarre sounds and noises packed into this single, solitary production - it’s absolutely astounding! Bear down for The Brig, because things are about to get grizzly.

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