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EDM.com Spotlight

Moody Good's Upcoming LP Defies Genres

The London-based musician Jeffrey Eddies is more than your average dubstep producer. From his work with Jason Morrison in the illustrious duo 16bit to his work on Bjork's album Biophilia, Jeffrey has developed a signature sound unlike anyone else currently in our varied music scene. Today, we see him producing under the moniker Moody Good, and his aggressive yet beautiful approach to bass-heavy music has been turning heads since the inception of this new project. We have been patiently waiting for the drop of his upcoming debut LP for some time now, and after hearing our first ful preview of it last week, it's safe to say that it is beyond anything we could have expected from the talented musician.

Currently available for streaming on his SoundCloud, Moody Good’s self-titled LP is comprised of 15 different solo productions and collaborations, featuring a handful of singers and rappers including Rejjie Snow, Eren Allen Kane,  and Big Narsty to name a few. At first listen, it’s easy to hear the haunting and bass-centric influences from his earlier work in 16bit, but this time around it possesses a new-age approach to its composition and feel. Songs like “Musicbx” and “Bubbles” provide a beautiful balance between serenity and chaos, slowly pushing and pulling a mix of sub-wrecking bass stabs and dreamlike xylophone melodies. On the other end of the spectrum, singles like “Docbond” and “Hotplate” stay true to the producer’s classic face-melting style of dubstep and hip-hop influened beats.

Unlike many other releases in the dubstep scene, this LP is a seamless journey through jazz, trip-hop, 2 step, grime, and a handful of other undefined genres we hear today. We recommend you sit through the LP from start to finish before making any judgements, as its seamless composition will undoubtedly take you for a ride like none other. Moody Good’s debut LP will be out via OWSLA and MTA Records next week on June 3rd, so dive in and support the unique sounds of Moody Good!

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