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Instagrams Of The Week: 'Armin Only: Intense'

Armin van Buuren isn't called the god of trance for nothing.

While Armin van Buuren’s Armin Only: Intense Tour is currently underway, footage from the event has been making its way on Instagram. The Armin Only Tour features a nonstop set by Armin, and it's something he's done for his album releases. It’s a live show with six vocalists, a full band, dancers, acrobats, and a massive brand new stage. The production is next level and you really are immersed in beautiful world of trance for the duration of the show. We’ve searched through Instagram for all the best footage we could find to show you how incredible the tour has really been. Check it out below.

Armin Only features live instruments including a violinist. 

Trevor Guthrie sang "This Is What It Feels Like" alongside live piano...

which built up into a crazy explosive drop.

Armin even dropped his remix to "Let It Go" from the Oscar winning movie, Frozen. 

If you're lucky to be up front, you'll feel the real power of the production.

As you can see, it is pretty mind blowing.

The visuals will take you on a 3D roller coaster ride.

As Armin dropped "Ping Pong," giant balloons dropped from the sky.

The finale was definitely one to remember.

The entire cast appeared on stage to wave a final goodbye at the end of the show.

This weekend, you can catch Armin van Buuren's Armin Only Tour in Los Angeles and San Diego!

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