EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Premiere: Chiefs Remixes Crooked Colour's 'In Your Bones'

Chiefs' remix of Crooked Colour's "In Your Bones" premiered on EDM.com this morning. The original tune had an extremely chill vibe to it, including some bongo drums, finger snaps, and atmospheric vocals. On Chiefs' remix of "In Your Bones," he flips the indie dance track into a chill trap tune. The Australian producer adds in some hi-hat rolls and heavy bass to the track, yet he is still able to maintain the laidback vibe of the original.

Chiefs' remix of "In Your Bones" will be a perfect track to listen to during the summertime. I can already envision myself driving alongside the beach as this tune blares from my car's speakers. 

With producers like Chiefs making their mark in the United States, it sounds like the Aussies will continue to be known as the world's foremost purveyor of chill trap.

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