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Dillon Francis Signs Record Deal With Columbia Records

Dillon Francis' Announcement Sparks Negative Reaction From Some Fans

Everyone’s favorite internet troll and producer, Dillon Francis, posted a picture on Instagram earlier today announcing that he had signed his first record deal with Columbia Records. Dillon also clarified that he was not leaving Mad Decent. The signing will allow the two labels to work together on the album. Dillon’s first full-length album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, is due out in July and will feature tracks like his hit single “Get Low” with DJ Snake and his next single, “Set Me Free,” a collaboration with Martin Garrix. Columbia Records has recently worked with other dance music artists like Calvin Harris, Krewella, and Daft Punk with enormous success.

Many fans reacted poorly to Dillon’s announcement, calling him a “sell out.” This prompted Dillon, along with friends Zedd and Calvin Harris, to respond to those comments with several tweets. What these fans do not seem to understand is that Dillon’s album and the content in it has been relatively complete for some time now, and the content of the album will not change as a result of signing the album to a major record label. Congratulations to Dillon and everyone involved in the making of this record!

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