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Skrillex Spoofed In Saturday Night Live Skit

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live spoofed Skrillex during a celebrity Family Feud skit. Skrillex plays alongside the American music team in the skit. His team members are Reba McEntire, Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars. They are going against the international team, which features Shakira, Drake, Adele, and Russell Crowe. You can view SNL's version of Skrillex one minute and 45 seconds into the following video.

Steve Harvey (played by Kenan Thompson) makes fun of Skrillex by calling him "Skrikkets" and saying he doesn't work with ghosts. However, this is nothing for Skrillex fans to be angry about. Every time SNL imitates a celebrity, SNL ensures to make fun of them. For example, in this skit, a female is playing Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake is endlessly narcissistic, and we can't understand a word Shakira or Russell Crowe are saying. 

SNL put Skrillex alongside these celebrities because Skrillex resonates with the younger audience of America. Additionally, older audiences might recognize him due to his distinguishable features. This skit shows the growing influence of dance music in the United States. I wouldn't be surprised to hear backlash to the skit, as fans love to complain about dance music becoming mainstream. While some fans might be unhappy about this situation, this is actually great for producers and DJs as a whole. Although Skrillex is shrugged off as a "ghost," this still helps establish national legitimacy for the music that we love. 

Maybe this is the first step towards Skrillex being featured as a musical guest on the legendary SNL?

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