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The Faces Of Hybrid Trap: Pt. 1

There are only a few genres today that have seen as much versatility and dimension in its field than trap music. Whether it's slow, fast, heavy, or light, trap music has taken a seemingly endless number of directions, and the collection of strong-willed producers supporting this movement are taking new leaps to define this sound each and every day. One branch of trap that is gaining a particularly strong following is the “hybrid trap” movement, which highlights the synthesis of dubstep’s bass and grime sounds with trap music’s hip-hop and 808 drum influences. Established producers like Pegboard Nerds, LAXX, and heRobust have all demonstrated their ability to bridge the gap between these two bustling genres, and there is more than a handful of others who are also getting their feet wet in the mixed scene. To get a better idea of where this movement is headed, here are five of hybrid trap’s most accomplished acts and their signature sounds.

Pegboard Nerds

From drum & bass to dubstep to house to electro, the Norwegian duo Pegboard Nerds has made it all. With a strong background in music production and audio engineering, this dynamic duo has exercised impeccable skill within the hybrid trap genre, releasing hit songs like “Highroller” which featured the trio Splitbreed and “Coffins” which was a collaboration with Misterwives. Recent releases have focused more on their house-driven sound, although we can all expect a hard and heavy return into the hybrid trap scene as the summer progresses.


Hayden Kramer, the Atlanta-based trap and bass producer known as heRobust, has created a unique version of hybrid trap. His ability to combine Atlanta-trap roots with gritty bass synths has placed him at the forefront of both dubstep and trap music. Any of his signature “BUSTED” remixes can give testament to the young producer’s unique skill set, from his take on Waka Flocka’s “Grove Street” to his edit of “We No Speak Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool.  Following his tour with the infamous Smog Records, heRobust is undoubtedly spending these next few weeks crafting another next batch of bass-heavy trap remixes and originals for us to get crunk to.

Carvar & Clock

Since exploding onto the dubstep scene last year with their debut EP Miskatonik, the neuro-bass duo Carvar & Clock has bridged the gap between dubstep, drum & bass, and trap music with their continuous finesse and skill. With 2 original EPs and a featured remix EP already under their belt, these Austin natives have officially cemented themselves within the hybrid trap scene. If they continue making hit singles like “Miskatonik” and “Flare,” they will undoubtedly continue to maintain their prestigious position in this new genre.


Never Say Die member LAXX has been destroying speakers left and right with his technical compositions and seismic bass cadence for quite some time now. Since venturing into the more trap-influenced side of dubstep, his career has skyrocketed to new heights, with singles like “Step One” and “The Limit” backing his “unorthodox” direction. By taking a more minimal approach to his sound, LAXX provides a very unique presence within the 808-laden dubstep movement.  His latest EP, entitled Step Two, is a perfect example of LAXX’s unparalleled and aggressive direction, and we cannot be more excited to see where he takes his diverse sound.


Kannibalen Records member Apashe is a lethal force within the heavy bass scene, and his latest VIP of “Battle Royale” is a perfect example of what he is fully capable of. The accomplished musician and sound designer has taken a powerful mix of bass-filled genres and molded them into one gritty hybrid, leaving a trail of chaos and wreckage in his wake. With an EP currently in the works, there’s a lot to look forward to from this bass aficionado in the months to come.

Next week, we'll be coming back with some more of hybrid trap's top producers. Who do you want to see us feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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