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EDM.com Spotlight

Mr. Skeleton Is Back With A Vengeance

With a full-length album out and newly redefined sound, the "Prince of Darkness" has returned bigger and stronger than ever.

In May of 2012, Los Angeles-based producer Mr. Skeleton removed himself from the public eye and dove headfirst into the studio. With only one goal in mind, Maverick McNeilly spent the next 18 months honing his craft, working to redefine his signature sound. Despite the almost despairingly long wait, it wasn’t until last September that he finally arose out of the darkness and returned to the limelight, ready to present to the world his new findings. Now to be honest, we’re not entirely sure what he did or who he talked to while he was gone. One thing we do know for certain though is that since his return, Mr. Skeleton has proven that he is not only back with a stronger and bolder sound, but that he has commemoratively achieved the title of “Prince of Darkness” for his work on his debut album The Absence of Good.

Even in his earliest stages of production, Mr. Skeleton has always been known to create a menacingly dark and spooky alternative to electro house. Appropriately calling the hybrid genre “Dark Room,” many of Mr. Skeleton’s early productions such as “The Loudest Bang” have served as pillars to the producer’s evil and unorthodox sound. One of his last releases before taking his break was The Road EP, and it’s original and unique take on electro house greatly attributed to the resounding acceptance of his experimental sound. After over a year and a half of releases and searching for his place in the scene, Mr. Skeleton decided in May of 2012 that he should take some time away from the public and focus on refining the new breed of bass he was had become so fond of.

In September of 2013, Mr. Skeleton broke news of not only his return, but also broke news of his new album in the works and his upcoming performance at TomorrowWorld. With such a strong entrance, the magnitude of his return allowed him to expand his sound to new audiences, further leading to an alarming increase in followers. Singles like “Closer” and “Strange Sound” brought forth an astoundingly positive feedback, and as a result prompted the young producer to announce the release of his highly-anticipated album The Absence of Good for April 28th, 2014. With the help of performances in Denver with Vaski and Uppermost, as well as a bi-weekly radio series on his brainchild label Cult222, Mr. Skeleton has provided a more than welcoming return for his fans, and The Absence of Good is a perfect example of how far this producer has truly come in his short career.

The Absence of Good is above and beyond anything we could have expected from the producer post-hiatus, featuring 15 unique tracks that amount to an hour and a half of entirely mind-numbing bass. Breaking down genre-barriers left and right, Mr. Skeleton provides a different mold of dubstep, drum n’ bass, breaks, and big room house for listeners to dance to within each and every track. From the rubber-banding melodies of “Pray For Blood” and “Talking That Stupid” to the break-filled bridges of “We Get It Hot” and “Double Platinum,” The Absence of Good brings light to an unprecedented side of Mr. Skeleton’s productions. Looking ahead, we have a lot of confidence in this talented producer’s sound and direction, and we encourage all to look out for this artist in a handful of festival line-ups throughout the next few months.

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