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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 9

You might need to hose down your speakers after this week's installment.

I'd like to take a second to say that I absolutely love this week’s list of dirty drops! Sometimes when I throw the term “drop” out there, I think we all have a tendency to get caught up in the heaviest parts of a song. And can you blame us? We’re creatures of habit. But what really separates Volume 9 apart from some of our earlier editions, is that each of the tunes below are fantastic overall productions, on top of having great drops! I’d be honored to call this star-studded lineup my starting five any day of the week.


5. Dirt Monkey - Hydra

Hold onto your rears, because we’re about to shift things into high gear. Dirt Monkey has been a busy little beaver lately, and “Hydra” is going to force you to dance around like there’s a horrible infestation of ants in your pants! Seriously though—all animals aside—this new song, much like the many-headed serpent it’s named after, strikes a sense of fear into listeners that renders them permanently paralyzed within seconds. Have you ever stood in the middle of a freeway with a speeding caravan of 18-wheelers (all of which are blasting their horns) bearing down on you? Because that’s pretty much what both of these drops feel like. You’ll be left so incredibly mangled by the end of this bass-infused experience, that even the most gruesome looking road kill would take pity on you. Don’t you dare skip over this new dubstep drubber from Dirt Monkey!

4. Truth (Ft. Taso) - Trenchtown

What fun would a dirty drop countdown be without going off the deep end? You feel me? And I couldn’t think of a better way to explore the dark depths of the dubstep underworld than with the immeasurably talented duo of Truth. If the Mariana Trench is your idea of deep, then just wait till you get a taste of the four full-bodied tunes from their new 30,000ft EP. While I won’t hesitate to admit that the entire release generates a fair amount of grime, “Trenchtown” was the only track that left me feeling like I might need to run out and purchase some adult diapers. Like, right now! Between the intuitive percussion and low-frequency bass line, there’s plenty of nastiness to go around. This pair of drops might not exactly knock your socks off, but it’ll definitely leave them significantly filthier than they were when you put them on this morning. Submerge yourself in a sound unlike any other.

3. Zomboy & MUST DIE! - Survivors

Sound the alarms! Grab any weapon you can find, and start running for the freaking hills! Yes, the rumors are true. Zomboy and MUST DIE! teamed up on a track and now it’s only a matter of time until the dubstep apocalypse is upon us. Known for being some of the more high-profile names amongst those in the EDM kingdom, these two key players deliver a collaboration that’s completely capable of controlling the masses. I don’t want you to think dirty, because the word dirty doesn’t even begin to sum up the drops in “Survivors.” I want you to think carnage! I want you to envision a full-scale bloodbath! I want you to pick up a bloodied spear and thrust in right through the heart of that big bad bass monster headed right in your direction! It’s every man for themselves, and nobody is going to make it out alive.

2. Trampa - Get Wicked

It’s a shame that one of these next two songs had to be slotted at number two. Truth be told, you should just view them more like 1a and 1b. Plus, each of these mammoth beats are closely related relatives off of Never Say Die Record’s recently released Black Label Vol. 2. So I don’t see any reason why they can’t play nice. “Get Wicked” is Trampa’s second contribution to the Black Label series, and it’s a totally different beast than “Gas Tank.” From the moment the vocal samples start chanting “Oh,” you get the sense that something big is about to go down. When that first drop makes contact, your skin is blown clean off your skeleton! Do you know that feeling of being bludgeoned over the head with heavy bass repeatedly? Well, if you didn’t, you surely will now!

1. Mantis - Desolation

It’s only fitting that a song called “Desolation” would slide its way into our coveted #1 spot. After all, the goal of this segment is to wipe that smile off your face and leave you with that look you make when your nostrils come across the most foul stench of all time! Yeah, you know exactly what look I’m talking about. Now, it’s probably not the worst idea to be extra cautious while navigating this soul-swiping banger. In fact, I can vividly remember hearing these drops for the first time because I was immediately thrown through my apartment wall and directly into my neighbor’s unit! Hopefully your experience is a tad less painful. Having said that, Mantis has permission to maul my eardrums any day, anytime, anywhere.

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