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EDM.com Spotlight

From Hymns To Films: Vol. 1

Between all of the musicals, documentaries, and feature films we have seen thus far, there are countless musicians who have contributed to the development of their respective themes and symbolisms. Composers, artists, and audio engineers alike have all continuously worked together to “bring to life” many of the elements of film that words cannot express, and world-renowned composers such as Hans Zimmer are phenomenal examples of how influential a film’s score can truly be. Nowadays, with more and more artists developing their skills beyond just the realm of music production, we feel that there are a handful of able-bodied producers that could create both beautiful and encapsulating soundtracks to a wide variety of movies and films. From writing hymns to scoring films, here are five acts who could write quality soundtracks to a number of feature-length movies.

Flying Lotus

Brainfeeder label-founder Flying Lotus has defied all boundaries of modern music with his experimentally-driven sound. Throughout his career, he has continuously implemented elements of hip-hop, jazz, world, and dance music with unprecedented finesse, and his elaborate collection of multi-genre singles and EPs display an unequivocal profoundness for creativity and technical prowess. His fourth and latest album, Until The Quiet Comes, features an award-winning music video to accompany the album’s self-titled single. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the video’s metaphorically driven premise provides enough insight into Flying Lotus’s direction that a movie soundtrack is truly within reach of this veteran producer.


The Grammy award-winning and classically trained artist Zedd needs little introduction to his past achievements. With two platinum-selling records by the age of 24, the skilled drummer and pianist has proven to us more than once he is a truly talented musician and composer. His multi-instrumental acoustic performance of “Find You” exhibits a powerful grasp of music composition and direction, providing Zedd with a very valuable set of skills in the film-scoring industry.


Welcome Reality, the debut album by dubstep/drum & bass duo Nero, is essentially a movie soundtrack in itself. From start to finish, the album takes listeners on an intergalactic journey through dubstep, drum & bass, house, and atmospheric ambiances. Vocally driven singles like “Promises” and “My Eyes” attribute a human feel to the album, while spacey and cinematic sequences like “2808” and “Scorpions” provide “breath” from the album’s bass-driven theme. With speculation of their new album dropping on May 13th, Nero will undoubtedly produce another seamless and powerful album worthy of any film’s soundtrack.

Above & Beyond

Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep label owners Above & Beyond have been pioneers to the trance and progressive house scenes for years, and their expansive knowledge of production and music theory has provided them countless roads to success. Their latest album, simply titled Acoustic, is a 12-track album that features live acoustic performances of the group’s hit singles such as “Sun & Moon” and “Love Is Not Enough.” After conducting four different sold-out concert halls with a group of 24 unique musicians and instrumentalists, Above & Beyond shows that their ability to direct, compose, and perform is nothing short of cinema quality.


The drum & bass band Pendulum has proven through their impeccable discography that they are more than qualified to score a movie. Consisting of six members—lead singer Rob Swire, bassist Gareth McGrillen, DJ/turntablist El Hornet, guitarist Peredur ap Gwynedd, MC/rapper Ben Mount, and drummer KJ Sawka—their unique blend of punk-rock with drum & bass and electro has shown their ability to capture a wide variety of moods and emotions. The work done by Swire and McGrillen's side-project Knife Party is an even stronger testament to their potential, as their single “Bonfire” has already been featured on AMC’s television series Breaking Bad.

What other artists do you think have what it takes to score a film? Send us your thoughts and stay tuned for the next installment of From Hymns to Films!

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