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EDM.com Spotlight

Pegboard Nerds And Electric Family Create Bracelet for Charity

In a miraculous act of friendship and charity, the good guys behind Pegboard Nerds have come together with the EDM-lifestyle brand Electric Family to create a signature Pegboard Nerds bracelet for fans and followers to purchase for $13 each. The proceeds of these bracelet sales will be directly supporting the Joyful Heart Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating and strengthening those affected by domestic violence and sexual abuse. With such a broad platform of awareness at both of their disposals, the Pegboard Nerds and Electric Family are providing an amazing and well-needed service to the EDM community and beyond. Here is what Electric Family had to say about the partnership on their Facebook page -


With Pegboard Nerds having reached an astounding 250,000 person following on Facebook yesterday, the timing of this collaboration couldn’t have been any better. So for all you Pegboard Nerds and Electric Family fans out there looking to rock some new and fashionable apparel while still supporting an astounding cause, be sure to head to Electric Family’s website now and purchase your signature bracelet!

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