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EDM.com Spotlight

What So Not Has A New App

Last night, Australian sensation What So Not and liquor brand Wild Turkey announced a new app to help promote the brand’s latest line of bourbon, American Honey. The app, called “Play Packs,” allows users to download an array of What So Not sample loops by scanning a special seal located on each can or bottle of American Honey bourbon. Users can then use those loops to create their own remix of the duo’s signature drum lines and trap synths. Here’s the promo video What So Not posted on their Facebook for the new app.


Now, although there are only 16 loops available to “produce” with, there is a seemingly endless number of remixes to be made, and the chance alone to obtain loops created by the talented duo is something many up-and-coming producers can only dream of. For those of you who do decide to take the unique producer challenge for a spin, the app also allows you to send your completed remixes directly to What So Not for a chance to be chosen and featured on the app’s website.

Thanks to this awesomely creative new app, we have found yet another reason to love What So Not (and Wild Turkey), so be sure to let them know how you feel about this unique project and lookout for What So Not later this year on Skrillex’s Mothership Tour!

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