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Crews & Collectives: Kannibalen Records

Up and coming producers Karluv Klub and Lektrique are both redefining today’s electro scene with their “trashy” productions and neurotic basslines. Both based out of Montreal, these two genre-bending producers have showcased a strong grasp of dark club culture, and their unending onslaught of singles and EPs have generated themselves quite a following. Lektrique's collaboration with Seek N Destroy "Atomic" and Karluv Klub's "Break" are perfect examples of these producer's gritty and bludgeoning production skills, and at the rate that they're moving now, there is no telling how far these two are headed.

Now on the other side of Kannibalen’s vehement and dirty sound stands Apashe, Snails, and Kai Wachi. These three producers have pioneered an unprecedented direction into trap and dubstep music called hybrid trap, and their perverse approach to the genre’s bass-laden sound has been gaining in popularity with each new release. The 21-year-old Apashe, originally from Brussels, has been gaining a particularly large following thanks to his numerous heavyweight releases such as the Black Mythology EP and his collaboration on “Bubblegun” with fellow label-mate Snails.

Created as a side project of Dooze Jackers member Frédérik Durand, Snails’ “vomit-bass” sound has become renowned throughout the dubstep and trap networks. From his take on Botnek’s “Through The Night” to his newly released original “Slugz,” Snails constantly incorporates new sounds and rhythms on each new release, leaving followers always on their toes and thirsty for more.

The youngest member of the carnivorous Kannibalen Records is Kai Wachi, an Idaho native with an avid taste for filthy bass sounds and heavy 808 influences. Only a short run-through of his SoundCloud will shed light on this young producer’s unprecedented hybrid sound, and chart-topping singles like “Kannibal (VIP)” and “Back to the Lab Again” prove that there is a long and riveting road ahead for this talented young gun.

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There are few labels that properly represent the darker and more destructive side of EDM like Kannibalen Records. Founded in 2011 by the futuristic live trio Black Tiger Sex Machine, the term Kannibalen translates into “cannibalism,” and sufficiently describes the label’s dark and gruesome hunger for heavy bass music. Since its inception, the BTSM trio has recruited a meticulous collection of talented and unique producers, from drum & bass and electro acts Dabin and Karluv Klub to hybrid trap and dubstep pioneers Apashe and Snails. Over their two and a half years of involvement within the scene, the Kannibalen crew has infected thousands of listeners with their ominous and unorthodox approach to electronic music.

Based out of Montreal, Canada, Kannibalen consists of artists from all around the world, and their collective approach to electronic music is spread across a very broad variety of genres and scenes. Black Tiger Sex Machine’s unique blend of electro, rock, house, and hip-hop has gained them recognition amongst a plethora of magazines, collectives, and blogs, including Mixmag and EDM.com. The robot-masked trio is also notorious for their profound skill in live mixing, utilizing a broad array of instruments, samples, loops, and drum machines in each of their performances. With a number of music videos and EPs already in heavy circulation, BTSM has and will continue to push their unequivocated sound with both finesse and fortitude, paving the way for both their label and fellow Kannibalen acts.

Other acts on the label who also crave the same fast-paced nature as their label-runners include Dabin, Karluv Klub, Lektrique and Dead Battery, and they each provide their own unique style to the hard-hitting and club-oriented genre. The young and talented Toronto native Dabin has lead a career equally as impressive as his catalogue of songs and mixes. His 2012 debut EP, Electropolitics, featured numerous chart-topping singles within the electro, dubstep, and drum & bass genres. Dabin has also seen quality airtime on a handful of radio stations such as BBC1 and Mistajam’s Daily Dose of Dubstep.

Dead Battery has proven time and time again through his multifarious style that he is truly a force to be reckoned with. Whether its dubstep, electro house, trap, or drum & bass, the Austrian producer has continuously found a way to mold each genre anew and make the sound his own. His latest EP, Cut The Line, properly highlights the full range of this producer’s potential, and countless other singles can attest to this budding producer’s seemingly endless talent.