EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Trance Thursday: Vol. 4

Progressive Track of the Week

Naian – "Zero Motion" [@NaianOfficial]

The battle for Progressive Track of this week was a close one. We had a ton of great music go up on the Trance channel, but in the end, this was really the only track I could consider for the honor of this title. After all, it’s been one of my absolute favorite progressive trance tracks since it came out back in January, with its exceptional production quality and heartbreaking melody. It’s one of those tracks which is perfect for listening to on a rainy day, or simply when relaxation is essential. Wonderfully done, Naian.

Tech Track of the Week

XGenic – Ignition [@XGenic]

Damaged Records from rising trance star Jordan Suckley has been off to a huge start recently, releasing under the umbrella of juggernaut Black Hole Recordings with some incredibly forward thinking and groundbreaking tracks. This one in particular, "Ignition," incorporates some elements of electro but remains decidedly trance throughout, a combination which works out exceptionally well. Proof? Well, this track just entered the Beatport Trance Top 10 this week.

Uplifting Track of the Week

Alex Ender – Reasons To Forget [@AlexEnderMusic]

Every now and again, a producer comes along who takes a different twist on a familiar sound. Alex Ender is one such producer. He has a very unique sound to his uplifting trance, and it is almost always outrageously energetic. “Reasons To Forget” is simply a further development of his signature style, proving that good music doesn’t have to—or indeed, often doesn’t—sound the same as everything else. We love originality here at EDM.com, and we’re glad to support it.

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