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EDM.com Spotlight

Instagrams Of The Week: Our Favorite Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Memes

As Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas quickly approaches, excitement levels are at an all-time high. Attendees are finishing up their last minute travel plans, preparing their outfits, planning meet ups, and marking off the rest of their rave checklist before heading out for the three-day music festival. Instagram has become a raver’s best friend by making it easier to coordinate plans with your soon to be festie besties. Along with all the planning, ravers have come up with some pretty hilarious EDC memes. Even Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella got in on the fun. We’ve scrounged through Instagram to find our favorites. Check them out below.

Make sure you've got everything ready before you leave.

We're sure mailmen are getting really annoyed.

The anticipation for the official lineup was killer,

but once it dropped, it was totally worth it.

For some rave girls, an EDC ticket is worth more than a ring.

Entering EDC LV for the first time is literally life changing.

Watching those epic EDC fireworks is going to have you like...

Make sure to pace yourself or you'll be headed into Day 3 like these two.

Dance like no one is watching because well...

Ignore the haters. They'll just end up going to EDC next year.

Figuring out your schedule like I literally can't even right now.

By the time you leave the festival you might look a little something like this.

Even Pasquale's little girl is excited EDC is next week!

We hope you all have the time of your lives!

Cover image by Jeff Lombardo

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