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Bassnectar Premieres 'Hold On' From Upcoming Album

Bassnectar recently caused a stir within the EDM community with his spot-on critique of the industry. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said:

"There are big name DJs right now who buy their own Facebook followers and manufacture their profiles and don't write their music, have other people write their music for them and then don't play their music live, but stand there during prerecorded sets while they run around onstage and congratulate themselves. There are impostors in every genre. There are bad artists in every genre. EDM is so easy to critique because most of the biggest and most successful artists are the phoniest.

Then there's all the credibility that exists, all the underground artists who are truly gifted and Mozarts. A guy like Kaskade is so fucking smart and so deep and so real that I can't necessarily critique EDM because there's a guy like Kaskade who totally deserves everything he's ever gotten. It's the phonies and that mass marketed dynamic of culture that I'm revolted by, whether it's EDM or pop music or fashion or whatever."

He continued to speak on the subject in an interview with THUMP: "It's been hard to watch something so special to me be diluted and heisted and turned into this kind of shameless, cheap, fake carnival. To that degree I hate EDM. I worry it's depleting the authenticity of DJ culture... but you really can't hate on 30,000 people having the time of their lives."

The THUMP interview was published today, and it was coupled with the premiere of "Hold On." The track is from his upcoming album, Noise vs Beauty. "Hold On" is the fourth song he's revealed from the album. The three other tracks he's shown to the public are "You & Me," "Ephemeral," and "Now."

Yet again, Bassnectar presents his fans with a completely different style of music. "Hold On" is a chill trap song, which differs from the previous three tracks we've heard from Noise vs. Beauty. "You & Me" is a melodic dubstep track, "Ephemeral" has a transient bass sound to it, and "Now" is a hard-hitting trap song. Everything we've heard from Noise vs. Beauty thus far is a perfect example of Bassnectar's amazing versatility as a producer.

Noise vs. Beauty will be released on June 24. To pre-order the album, click here.

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