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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 13

Dirty drops have never sounded so deadly.

First order of business: I need to apologize for taking last week off. It was the first time in 12 weeks that I didn’t sum up the previous week’s dirtiest dubstep drops, so if you need to point the finger at somebody, point it at me. Now, I’d hope that this segment’s brief hiatus hasn’t kept too many of you from tuning in to this week’s countdown, because boy do we have a big one on our hands! Plus, with Friday the 13th only a day away, I couldn’t think of a better time to distribute Volume 13 of our bass-driven series.

5. Arkasia - Gravity

Has anybody seen a conductor? We could really use one right about now. You would probably never imagine that a piece of music this elegant could possess such a dark side as well. And who could blame you? Having said that, every time Arkasia steps into the studio, he returns with monumental productions that sound like they’ve been composed alongside one of the world’s renowned symphony orchestras. Showcased on his recently released, and appropriately-titled, Electronic Symphony LP, “Gravity” keeps you firmly planted on the ground until the drops commence. Once the drop hits, your body, as well as every other object in the room around you, goes completely airborne! Don’t fight the feeling, just focus on not drifting towards that fan on the ceiling.

4. Nostalgia - Get Dizzy

Do you understand just how dizzying dirty drops can be? You could ride around endlessly on an out-of-control merry-go-round, and you wouldn’t understand how dizzying a dirty drop can be. You could attach yourself to the top of the world’s fastest-rotating helicopter blades, and you still might not understand. You could even leap into an oncoming tornado that’s spinning at top-speeds, and guess what? You still wouldn’t be able to replicate half the sensation that you’re overcome with when this new Nostalgia number decides to get extra gnarly! Shortly after eclipsing the 25K marker on Facebook, this musician kindly gave out “Get Dizzy” as a freebie through Play Me Records. Consider this dangerous dual-dropper a generous gift for your continued support.

3. Spag Heddy - Onvang

We all know that Spag Heddy has developed somewhat of a fondness for mocking up impressive drumstep tunes. However, when he directs his talents towards the dubstep side of the spectrum, we’re always incredibly impressed with the results. “Onvang” was handed out last week as an EDM.com Exclusive. In predictable fashion, we couldn’t help ourselves from continuing to gush openly over this fire-breathing bass track. In all seriousness though, if you have any last words, now would be the optimal time to speak. Outfitted with only two drops total, you’ve got to appreciate Mr. Heddy’s willingness to display some variation in each of them. This producer has superstar written all over him.

2. Point.blank (Ft. Amber Noel) - Diamonds

Okay, for all you dubstep pansies and namby-pambies, the doorway is located right over there. Please do yourself (and us) a favor and get the heck out of here before Point.blank pummels you repeatedly with the overbearing pulsations of “Diamonds.” A brilliant lead-in accentuates the enchanting vocals of Amber Noel, and before you know it, your ears are hijacked by some of the heaviest wobbles you’ve ever heard. When you toss around the term “dirty drops” as much as we do, you have to remember that filthy throw downs come in all shapes and sizes. These particular drops might not come across as quirky or crazy, but there’s something to be said for a sturdily structured bass tune that emits a staggering amount of aural nastiness. Put your gas masks on; you’re going to need them!

1. M.I.K - Duppy & Leave (Rekoil Remix)

For our #1 selection this week, we had to come back with another EDM.com Exclusive. When the Koil Man, aka Rekoil, allowed us to share his remix of M.I.K’s “Duppy & Leave” last week, we knew things were going to get uncharacteristically messy. This new track makes the most polluted bodies of water seem crystal clear! This free remix makes the smelliest person you know look like a walking can of Febreeze! This absurdly disgusting song makes your month-old leftovers taste like a five course steak dinner! Okay, I think you understand. Rigged with mechanical melodies and skull-rattling rhythms, this kid’s hell-raising productions never hesitate to wreak ample amounts of havoc. Have fun digesting these mouthwatering drops from Rekoil.

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