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Deadmau5 Is On A Roll Right Now

Deadmau5 has made multiple headlines around the world throughout the last few days. As we patiently wait for the release of his fifth album, while(1<2), Joel Zimmerman is now basking in the glory of his first race ever completed in the world-renown 'Gumball 3000' motor rally. The 3,000 mile race began in Miami, Florida last week and traveled over 10 states, 5 countries, and 2 continents until reaching its final destination in Ibiza, Spain. Alongside his partner Tory Belleci, Zimmerman spent seven days on the road in his Nyon Cat-themed Ferrari, or "Purrari," and upon reaching the finishing line received one of the most coveted honors within the entire event, the "Spirit of Gumball" trophy.

Alongside this reputable automotive achievement, Deadmau5 also turned heads after purchasing some interesting memorabilia during one of the auctions held at the rally. For $87,000, the house producer left the event with David Hasselhoff's official swimming trunks and jacket that the actor used in the classic Baywatch television series. This was just a portion of his total spendings, as he reportedly spent a whopping $484,000 in total at the various charity auctions of Gumball 3000. But in typical Deadmau5 fashion, that still wasn't enough, as he plans to donate even more next year.

Despite this lavish lifestyle, it remains clear that Zimmerman is still focused on pushing his new album and building his fan base. Since late last year, the producer has released numerous previews of tracks on his upcoming album including "Avaritia" and "Phantoms Can't Hang." Even with the release of his new album scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday, Deadmau5 still plans to build the hype for its release until the end. iTunes recently announced via Twitter that they will be hosting a discussion with the famed racer/dj on Monday as well. Twitter users will be able to chime into the conversation starting at 9am PDT/12pm EDT that day by mentioning #Askdeadmau5 in their tweets.

Secure your purchase of Deadmau5's long-awaited album while(1<2) today by pre-ordering the release on iTunes here!

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