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Kaskade Announces Digital Release For 'Redux EP' & Asks You To Remix 'Ain't Gotta Lie'

Initially released exclusively as a vinyl in April, Kaskade’s Redux EP will now be released as a digital download. The EP will be released on June 24. As an added treat to this news, Kaskade also unveiled, “Ain’t Gotta Lie,” a new addition to the five-track EP. The track is accompanied by a music video featuring footage from the producer’s sold-out North American Redux tour, along with an introductory sound bite of Kaskade disclosing his inspiration behind the EP.

In addition to the upcoming release of Redux, Kaskade has asked his fans to remix "Ain't Gotta Lie." His decision to give out the stems for the track for free further strengthens his "Good Guy Kaskade" reputation.

The Redux EP features intimate deep house tracks that pay homage to Kaskade’s deep house beginnings as a producer. However, he's still known for his massive festival sets that are packed with big room house tunes.  Consequently, it's no surprise that Kaskade might be crowdsourcing for a way to integrate "Ain't Gotta Lie" into his festival sets.

Kaskade continues to shake up the industry after last week's announcement that he planned to delete his SoundCloud channel. He is a man of the people, and we can't wait to see what else he has in store for his fans. 

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Written by Anita Obasi

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