EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Presents: Throwing Shapes 001 w/ Gold Top

Throwing Shapes and EDM.com have recently come together to launch a new mix series showcasing the best and brightest in today's EDM scene. Each month, we will select a new artist to provide a two-part mix for streaming and free download - The first part of each mix will highlight songs featured throughout The EDM Network, while the second part will provide songs compiled by the featured artists themselves. Along with the two-part mixes, the series will also provide a mini-interview with the artists to learn more about their work and plans for the future.

The inaugural installment of the Throwing Shapes x EDM.com series features the UK trap and bass producer Gold Top. His hour long mix features a vast array of sub-rocking trap, dubstep, and house, including his newest track 'Gold Like This' featuring the rapper Soulja Boy. Take a listen to his hour-long mix and read through our exclusive interview with the powerful Gold Top!

[EDM = EDM.com, GT = Gold Top]

EDM : You have just released a massive collaboration with Soulja Boy via Dirty Duck Audio, - did you know the track would be for a platinum selling artist?

GT : I was told that Soulja was interested, so I started to make the track with him in mind, but I didn’t want to change my style in any way. I wanted this to be Soulja’s first EDM track.

EDM : What was the creative process behind the track, did it take a while to get penned down or was this an overnight session that is now blurred by the computer screen and lack of sleep?

GT : Well it took a while to get right! I had several versions of the track originally, but then we had to write the lyrics, which was a whole other ball game. All in all, it took about a month to create.

EDM : Could you describe ‘Gold Like This’ in three words?

GT : Trap/Soulja/EDM

EDM : How long have you been working with Dirty Duck? How did they pick you up?

GT : It’s been about a year now, apparently Alex (Dirty Rock) couldn't stop listening to my stuff and he became my stalker! I had my first official release through them, ‘Uh Oh’ which did really well. I really trust the Dirty Duck guys, they are one of the few labels that will actually pay the artist what they are owed and they really look out for the little guys!

EDM : Are there any other planned collabs in the pipeline you can tell us about?

GT : I’m open to collaborations with a lot of artists - we made a track with the rapper Arab which I’m really happy with, and then there’s a few others which should come together down the line... Saymyname, Konec, Snails, Protohype...

EDM : You are blowing up in USA right now with these tracks, what has it been like in your home country (UK) compared to here?

GT : The USA has been so supportive of my tracks, which is so cool. To be honest, I’m pretty sure no one in the UK has clue who I am or what Trap is! But I’m sure they’ll come round to it!

EDM : How old were you when you first started producing? If you could name one track that got you into dance music, what would it be?

GT : 17. The track that first caught my eye was SebastiAn – ‘Ross Ross Ross’.

EDM : On the subject of gold, are there any “golden oldies” tracks that you like? Bit of Stevie Wonder works for me...

GT : I love so many old tracks! Anything by The Beatles, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, David Bowie, The Human League. There are loads and loads!

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