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EDM.com Spotlight

Wildstylez Discusses The American Hardstyle Movement & Toning Things Down To 140 BPM [Interview]

Wildstylez is one of the biggest names in hardstyle, and EDM.com had the opportunity to speak with him at Mysteryland USA. When asked to describe the hardstyle environment in three words, he chose four: Dedication, Harder, Faster, Music.

As the genre continues to grow within the American music scene, fans are becoming more intrigued. Many EDM fans are taking matters into their own hands by traveling to Q-dance stages and experiencing what all the fuss is about.

“Before it [hardstyle] was really underground,” says Wildstylez. “It was completely different and now it’s like the genre is ready to make its way over to the U.S. and go everywhere in the world.”

His statement rings true, as Mysteryland USA featured Q-dance's first-ever stage in the Northeast of the United States.

“I started releasing my first tracks back in 2006, and then it was like some people knew it and others didn’t,” says Wildstylez. “When I released 'Lose My Mind' with Brennan Heart in 2011, it was like a new era in hardstyle, ya know? People started accepting vocals.”

Many popular hardstyle tracks hover around 150 BPM. However, Wildstylez has branched out from typical hardstyle. In fact, he recently produced an official remix of "Never Say Goodbye" by Dyro and Hardwell.

“There’s this thing going on in Holland where people want it harder, but I don’t like that,” reveals Wildstylez. “This year, I want to slow it down to maybe 140-145 BPM and just try something new."

When asked about what type of vocals he's interested in utilizing, Wildstylez responded, “More melodic and beautiful vocals, especially during festivals. I like when you can touch people with vocals and rhythms. It’s like working Monday through Friday and losing your mind on the weekend. People know what it’s about, and I know it’s important.”

Many of us can agree that having a festival to look forward so that you can have a sweet escape from your typical Monday through Friday flow is hugely important.

If you’re still ambivalent about hardstyle, Wildstylez has a few words of encouragement: "Don’t judge before you actually go to an event or hear a DJ play. Then we’ll talk.” 

Wildstylez' latest track, "This Is Home," is out now iTunes and features vocals from Cimo Fränkel. The hardstyle producer will be at many other festivals this summer, including Defqon 1, Paradiso Festival, and Tomorrowland. 

Cover Photo Credit: Marious Dirks 

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