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Tommie Sunshine Will Kick Off EDMbiz With A Live Stream Reddit AMA

Tommie Sunshine will be kicking off Insomniac's EDMbiz with a live stream reddit AMA. EDMbiz is one of dance music's biggest networking conferences, and the AMA will take place on Tuesday, June 17 at 5pm PT. Tommie Sunshine is regarded as a sage of sorts when it comes to dance music. This AMA provides an opportunity for fans to gain important insight from someone who has been a part of electronic music culture for a very long time.

Tommie Sunshine’s past interviews have focused not only on his role in music but also his views on subjects like social policy and the future of dance music. He is an eloquent and educated EDM personality, which he has demonstrated through his appearances in various documentaries, including a Peter Jennings documentary on ecstasy. The Jennings documentary was produced in 2004, and we have embedded it below for your viewing pleasure. Jump ahead to 20:30 into the video to see what Tommie Sunshine looked like ten years ago.

More recently, Tommie Sunshine was the host of a Krewella panel at EMC Australia. His ability to steer the informative and inspirational panel shows exactly why he is a great representative for the EDM community.

Tommie Sunshine has also made a name for himself by writing thought-provoking op-eds for Huffington Post.

Don't miss out on this chance to ask this living legend a question. Head over to the /electronicmusic subreddit shortly before 5pm PT on Tuesday, June 17 in order to submit any burning questions you have for Tommie Sunshine.

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Written by Ash Khayami