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EDM.com Spotlight

Top 3 Trance Tracks Of The Week Vol. 2

Progressive Track of the Week

Mrmilkcarton – Complectus Aeris

How could Mrmilkcarton’s latest track not be our Progressive Track of the Week? Easily one of the best trance producers today, this Boston resident and Berklee College of Music graduate makes music that is like nothing else out there. In fact, one of the comments on this very song goes so far as to say this song is “Chillmau5” – an obvious spoonerism of “chill” and everyone’s favorite mouse-head-wearing superstar Deadmau5. Everything Mrmilkcarton makes is brilliant, and “Complectus Aeris” is absolutely no exception. Available on iTunes here!

Tech Track of the Week

John Aleph – In Her Eyes

It seems to be a popular trend in trance music for the best songs to come from producers whom have little-to-no reputation, and appear from nowhere like ghosts. Rather than calling the Ghostbusters, however, we here at EDM.com welcome these new producers with open arms. After all, when they produce music as beautiful as “In Her Eyes” like John Aleph has, it would be a crime not to do so. From that gorgeous piano-led breakdown to that focused, intense climax, this song is a true juxtaposition of ideas that winds up working wonderfully. Available on iTunes here!

Uplifting Track of the Week

André Van Reese – Recovered

Tytanium Recordings is one of the most consistent small record labels out there, and it makes sense considering the fact that its founder and boss is none other than trance titan Sean Tyas (whom we have recently had the pleasure of interviewing). André van Reese is yet another producer who seems to have come from nowhere, but we're certainly not complaining. The production is crisp and clean, and its transitions are smoother than silk. Harnessing a melody that redefines the very definition of “uplifting,” it’s a true homage to a classic trance sound from a decade ago, and its production quality easily matches the 2014 standards. Available on iTunes here!

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