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10 Electric Forest EDM Acts You Can't Miss

Electric Forest is getting closer and closer! As Rothbury, Michigan gears up to host its fourth year of this incomparable festival, concert-goers everywhere have been scrambling to find a ticket to the sold-out musical affair. A couple of our writers, Barrett Nelson and Deanna Krolowitz, recently compiled a list of the 10 EDM acts that are poised to make EF 2014 a memorable experience.

Alex Metric

Nothing makes for a better daytime set than some funk and disco records. Alex Metric’s style is like no one else in the industry right now, and he has released records on labels like OWSLA and Big Beat Records. Electric Forest will be the perfect place for his mellow and mesmerizing tracks.

Anna Lunoe

The lovely Anna Lunoe caught everyone’s ear with the release of her Diplo And Friends mix. One of her latest records, “Breathe,” will help create an ideal Saturday afternoon set. Enjoy her latest mix and get a taste of what she’s sure to bring to the Tripolee Stage.

I Am Legion

Noisia absolutely tore up the Forest last year! And guess what? They’re coming back again this year! Well, kind of...The only exception is that they’ll have some extra talent on stage with them this time around. I Am Legion has really gained some unbelievable momentum during the past year, and as far as EDM super groups are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than a melding of Noisia & Foreign Beggars. Both are regarded as incredibly well-respected names in the music industry, and it should come as no surprise that these guys attract an abnormal amount of attention wherever they go.

Additionally, it comes as a relief that their set is scheduled for Friday night from 9:30-10:30pm on the Tripolee Stage, because let's be honest, music this filthy is best enjoyed under the cover of darkness. Fans of neurohop & hip-hop should have a field day when I Am Legion starts dominating the decks (and microphones) like none other.


One of the best decisions that Electric Forest made this year was assigning Kygo’s set to the Forest Stage. Honestly, we couldn’t envision a better environment for this producer to call his home. His soothing brand of dance music almost fits too perfectly with the lush surroundings of the deep woods. For anybody seeking a breather from the everyday festival craziness, this show will be the ideal place to wind down.

Kygo’s ear-tickling productions are manufactured with an extreme amount of tenderness and care, something that’s definitely lacking in a lot of modern day music. With popular remixes of “Sexual Healing,” “I See Fire,” and “Cut Your Teeth” already on his illustrious resume, this producer has proven that every song in existence is susceptible to receiving the official Kygo treatment. Make it a priority to be among those in attendance when this talented producer takes over the Forest Stage from 5:45-6:45pm on Sunday.

Manic Menert

If you’re closing out Electric Forest, chances are you’ve been doing something right. With Manic Menert scheduled to make their debut performance at this year’s festival, the newly born brainchild of Manic Focus & Michal Menert plans to have all the freaks getting down late into Sunday evening at the Forest Stage. Both of these musicians have been a part of previous EF lineups on their own, but this split-set madness is sure to bring out one of the largest crowds either of these producers has seen to date.

With songs like “The One You Love” already making the rounds on the festival circuit, the duo’s chemistry is clearly undeniable. As far as what to expect during their hour and fifteen minutes on stage, we would venture to guess that there will be lots of Manic Focus, tons of Michal Menert, and probably a couple of unreleased collaborations along the way. If you’re looking for a magical experience, then look no further than Manic Menert.

Pegboard Nerds

You would be hard pressed to find a duo that is doing it bigger than Pegboard Nerds right now. Initially bursting onto the scene with songs like “Gunpoint” and “Self Destruct,” the group’s focus has definitely pivoted since then. Unwilling to confine themselves to the bounds of one particular EDM subgenre, these guys have always prided themselves on not just pushing the envelope, but blowing the whole letter wide open! Their live performances possess a sense of energy that is difficult for any live act to replicate on stage. It’s as if all they need to do is lift a finger and their audience instantly turns into a sweaty mess. 

Most recently, Pegboard Nerds put out “Here It Comes,” a slamming dubstep song tailored specifically for the bass music maniac in all of us. Electric Forest is going to have no clue what hit it when these two self-proclaimed nerds take to the Tripolee stage on Friday from 6:30-7:30pm.

Trippy Turtle

Start your Sunday afternoon in the forest with some Trippy Turtle. The producer has released various remixes and bootlegs, including Chris Brown’sTake You Down,” and Drake’s “Furthest Thing.”

Electric Forest attendees should definitely make room in their Sunday schedule for Trippy Turtle, as the talented producer has been one of the hottest acts of 2014. The producer just recently released his first official single on Mad Decent

What So Not

This Australian duo, consisting of Emoh Instead and Flume, have made it known that “chill trap” is the next big thing. The duo has taken trap and bass music to another level with tracks like "High You Are" and "Jaguar." With their impressive catalogue, it’s no wonder fans are seizing every opportunity to see these two.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch What So Not live during Skrillex’s Mothership Tour, Electric Forest is the best opportunity to introduce yourself to the sounds of Australian trap.


Unfortunately, drum & bass does not have much of a showing at Electric Forest 2014. This means you absolutely need to gorge yourself on this gorgeous genre when the opportunity comes around. With the RAM Records’ headman Andy C slated to perform, he clearly had no reservations when reaching out to label mate Wilkinson about joining him in Rothbury this summer. 

Following up the massive success of his Lasers Not Included release, Wilkinson has kept busy by putting out remix package after remix package. With DnB hits like “Take You Higher,” “Tonight,” and “Need To Know” already tucked away safely into his back pocket, we can’t even begin to imagine what type of bass music bliss he’ll utilize in his 7:30-8:30pm slot on Friday night. However, we can't wait to find out!

Zeds Dead

Closing out Friday’s festivities is an Electric Forest favorite, Zeds Dead. The simple fact that this duo just finished their latest EP, Somewhere Else, should help make for a memorable set at this year’s festival.

The duo is sure to entertain the crowd with sneak peaks of new tracks off their new EP, such as their bass-heavy song titled, “Hadouken. Hopefully we will get to hear their track featuring Big Gigantic and Omar LinX. Zeds Dead will bring their A-game, complete with some crazy production that will light up the Rothbury forest.

Honorable Mentions: Andy C | Destructo | Late Night Radio | Moby | Protohype | Seven Lions

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Written by Barrett Nelson and Deanna Krolowitz