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EDM.com Spotlight

Infinite Machine Aims To Push Music Forward [Interview]

Defined as a “forward-thinking electronic music record label,” Infinite Machine definitely lives up to its expectations. Approaching 40 releases in three years, Infinite Machine has been a powerhouse of electronic music supporting near every genre out there. The label is bound to satisfy anyone who has an interest in bass music. Charlie, the founder of the label, was nice enough to let EDM.com pester him while he was on vacation. Get to know the man behind the label!

(G = Gabe Gilker of EDM.com; C = Charlie of Infinite Machine)

How did Infinite Machine come into being?

C: In 2010, I fell into the world of electronic music in a deep way. I’m the kind of person that has a tendency to get deep into whatever it is that I love. I’m a very passionate person and having had just moved to Montreal, leaving everything behind in my hometown Mexico City, I wanted to get into the scene, so I thought I might as well start a new record label.

G: What inspired you to start Infinite Machine? 

C: I have to say, this is not my first record label, as I was playing in my hardcore bands back then. I decided to start a label as well but it only lasted a few years. So really, I have always liked the idea of pushing and supporting the music and artists I love. I like the idea of exposing my vision of 

G: How long have has Infinite Machine being in operation?

C: We are turning 3 years in about 3 months.

G: How has it grown over the years? And what were your goals back then compared to now?

C: The label has undergone so many changes and it has evolved so much. When I first started, one of my goals was to create a roster of all my favorite artists. That was something that was more or less impossible, knowing that the label was new and pretty much unknown. But I’ve been very lucky to actually have worked with a couple of those artists! Now, ideally, I would love to create my own scene, with a very unique sound, although that’s what almost every label is about. The difference is that I want to fuse different kinds of movements and make it one...if that makes any sense.

G: You release a lot of music. Do you run this label all by yourself?

C: I am the only founder, but over the years, a few friends have joined the team and are doing different kinds of tasks. For instance, producer Borealis is our Art Director, producer Liar does mastering and helps manage every aspect of the label with me, and Nicholas Concklin (aka The Orator) from Mushpost & SUB.FM is our Promotional Director.

G: What kind of music do you primarily feature?

C: At the beginning we were more focused on so-called “Future Garage” and “Bass Music.” As I discovered more music, my vision started to evolve. I started to release different kinds of genres, to the point where the label now has no primary genre. We support and push different kinds of movements, from Bass Music to Techno, Grime, Garage, House, Jungle, and beyond. Anything we like, really. It’s infinite.

G: What is your favorite release so far?

C: This is a very, very difficult question! I can’t name just one.

G: Fair enough, well then what do you have coming up?

C: Next up, we have the debut EP from duo Wallwork/Rrz, Liar called Scorpio, another EP for the Scottish duo Effy with remixes by Troy Gunner and Hound Scales, a Pixelord EP with remixes by Druid Cloak, Thomas White, Seafloor and Curl Up, the Infinite Machine three-year anniversary compilation, and other big, big surprises!


G: Do you have any background in the music industry as a producer or DJ? 

My music career actually started around 1999/2000 when I started playing in hardcore/screamo bands. I then suffered this unexpected evolution around 2010 and switched to electronic music. As such, this industry and world still feel very new to me. I feel like I’m a rookie.

I’ve DJed here and there around Montreal and even a brief time running a club night back in Winter 2012, but my focus is on the label. I started producing electronic music in 2012, but due to my really shitty laptop at the time, I wasn’t able to finish any tracks. Nowadays, I’ve been slowly getting back into production again and even have an EP coming out later this year on Cloaka’s new Heretic label.

G: Since you have a background in bands, is there any other kinds of music you listen to that's not EDM related?

C: This year I’ve been strictly listening to electronic music only. At times, I give myself the chance to go back to my old records. I listen to free jazz, post-hardcore, salsa, hardcore, screamo, experimental music, some noise, dub, pop and a lot more.

G: What do you do in your spare time? 

C: I watch a lot of movies, almost daily. I spend a lot of time these days watching tutorials about music production. Right now, I’m back to my hometown for some vacation time, so I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family. I’d like to go back to play some bass which is my first instrument and maybe a start a new band. My hobbies are always changing.

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