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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Reasons To Listen To ZHU

The deep house dynamo ZHU is pioneering a new brand of deep and sensual house music. After sprouting out of nowhere this last February with his cover of numerous Outkast songs on ‘Moves Like Ms. Jackson,’ the mysterious Los Angeles-based producer has gotten the internet buzzing with his high-quality productions and unique approach to his image. We have a million reasons to like this talented on-the-rise producer, but here are five of our biggest reasons to listen to ZHU.

1. He Chooses To Be Anonymous

ZHU isn’t the first artist that has chosen to remain faceless and nameless in his work. Other acts such as UZ, Myndset, and Bear Grillz have all made conscious efforts to remove themselves from their music and let their sounds speak on their behalf. Although his identity has since been revealed as Steven Zhu, this “No-PR, PR” approach has worked countless times for other artists, and we expect his allure to continue pushing his sound even further as the year goes on.

2. He Produces and Sings On His Tracks

It’s very unique for a house producer to provide their own vocals to their productions, although there are certainly renowned artists that have followed this formula such as Disclosure, Art Department, Shift K3y, and more. ZHU’s approach to his vocal work includes pitching his vocals down to create a drag-like effect, as well as weaving them into background melodies with reverb and other special effects.

3. His Catalogue Is Quickly Growing

Since dropping his “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” only 4 months ago, ZHU has provided numerous singles along with a new EP on his SoundCloud. Each of his tracks provide another look into the mind of the Los Angeles based producer, and there is always something new to expect from his productions. Our current favorites include ‘Faded’ and ‘Paradise Awaits,’ although his newest remix of Lana Del Ray’s ‘West Coast’ has been garnishing the most attention as of late.

4. He Directed and Edited His Own Music Video

ZHU’s music is the perfect balance between dark and mysterious bass sounds with sensually driven vocals, and each of his tracks provide a new ecstasy in its composition. His music video for ‘Faded’ provides the perfect imagery for both his single and his sound as a whole. Taking place in a darkened Parisian night club, the provocative video depicts an array of seductive women lounging through black-and-white filters and smoke-filled silhouettes. Clips of the crowd's toothsome interactions and enticing go-go-dancers further enhance the song's risqué lyricism, making it the perfect accompaniment to Zhu's stimulating original tune.

5. He Embarks On His First Tour This Fall

Being a no-face producer like ZHU can discourage or entirely prohibit public performances, as in the case of other faceless acts such as Burial or Jai Paul. Apparently ZHU isn’t hindered by his reluctance to show his face, as he is currently listed to be performing on the Listen Out national tour in Australia this fall. Alongside other mega-acts such as Flume, Chet Faker, Schoolboy Q, Ta-Ku, and many more, Zhu is undoubtedly going to invade the land down under with his unique and catchy sound.

You can purchase ZHU’s THE NIGHTDAY EP via iTunes here, and if you enjoy the music be sure to show him some support via Facebook and Twitter too!

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