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EDM.com Spotlight

Ask Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella Anything During Live Reddit AMA On June 19

Ask Pasquale Rotella your burning questions!

Insomniac Founder/CEO Pasquale Rotella will participate in a live reddit AMA on Thursday, June 19 at 1pm Pacific Time. The AMA will broadcast from EDMbiz in Las Vegas.

Dance fans will be able to ask any last minute questions regarding this weekend's Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, as well as discuss anything concerning the EDM industry as a whole. Insomniac's decision to produce EDC Curated coupled with their recent partnership with Snapchat should provide fans with plenty of topics to discuss with Rotella.

Insomniac is one of the largest and most successful companies affiliated with electronic dance music. The company has left its mark on dance music history due to the strong leadership of Rotella. He has been promoting Insomniac music festivals since long before the scene blew up.

It's not often you're presented with the opportunity to speak with one of EDM’s most influential figures. Make sure to join the AMA shortly before its scheduled June 19, 1:00pm PDT start time by clicking here.

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