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EDM.com Spotlight

Australian Producers Are Taking Over EDM

I don’t know about you, but it feels like every week that I hear of a new artist from “the land down under” that is absolutely killing it. In the last few years, the Australian EDM scene has developed a powerful and unique take on a handful of genres, and the artists behind these movements are generating a lot of commotion in the process. EDM.com has recently scavenged the burgeoning scene from its bush to its outback, highlighting the many people involved in the country's growing culture. From veteran producers to those just beginning, here is a walkthrough of the Australian EDM scene today!

*Disclaimer: There are still hundreds of artists not mentioned in this list - if you feel like we missed someone, please let us know via Facebook or Twitter!

Australia has contributed a number of world-renowned artists to the progressive house and electro house scenes. Mega-acts such as Tommy TrashDirty SouthNERVO, and Hook N Sling have all developed fan bases world-wide thanks to their extensive prowess in these genres. The country's big-league sound doesn't end there, as it is also responsible for bass-centric acts such as Knife Party and their now defunct father-group Pendulum. Both of their powerful catalogues in house, dubstep, and drum n' bass have undoubtedly left a large impact on the bass-heavy cultures of the world.

Along with to these well-established acts, there is a handful of other artists that are pushing a new generation of sounds and genres. In the Melbourne Bounce scene, artists such as Bombs AwayWill Sparks, and Joel Fletcher are all paving the way for this cousin-genre of electro house. Artists like Flume and Emoh Instead are also seeing success due to their unique takes on house music and downtempo, although their combined side-project What So Not is generating the most attention as one of trap music's hottest acts today.

Outside of these world-renowned acts, Australia is also harboring a growing number of up-and-coming talent that is now entering the limelight. Genre-aficionados have yet to properly label the works of artists like Wave RacerJust A Gent, Hayden JamesYahtzel, and LDRU. For those of you new to their music, they each demonstrate a unique and "uplifting" approach to house, trip-hop, disco, ambient, and tropical songs. Their productions generally resonate best in a relaxed environment, although they are still able to provide a dancefloor-welcoming vibe in their multi-farious catalogues.

When it comes to the deeper 4x4 genres, there is still quite a very strong variety in the Australian community, as Sonny FoderaAnna LunoeMotez, and Lancelot are all currently providing a mixture of deep house, garage, tech house, and summer-time vibes. Some of the scene's lesser-known acts such as Golden FeaturesGo Freek, and Dom Dolla have also started to turn heads with their darker and more "shallow" approach to house music as well.

Altogether, this is still just a small look at the many different artists and sounds present in Australia’s EDM scene, and we can’t wait to hear of all the other acts that are gaining recognition for their work.

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