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Skrillex Discusses His Work On Upcoming 'Transformers' Movie & Jack U Project With Diplo

In an interview with BillboardSkrillex discussed his recent affairs, including some surprising news about the Transformers film franchise.

Skrillex announced that he is working on the sound design for the upcoming Transformers film. When his brand of brostep first started making waves stateside, many listeners compared his music to robot sounds. It's only fitting that Skrillex says he will be adding "the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make" to one of the biggest robot franchises of all time. The film will be released in the United States on June 27, 2014. He is also scoring other films, but he did not divulge the names of the films.

Skrillex also discussed his work with Diplo as a part of their Jack U superduo. "I've just known him for so long, and we've made so many records together," Skrillex says. "It's just a lot of fun for him and I to get in the studio and make jokes and just really try to come up with the most annoying sounds ever. What we try to do is make the stupidest thing ever and make it actually work -- that's our only thing. The thing about the music I make and the music he makes is that even though it might sound different, sonically, we always take this, like, fun approach to making music rather than taking it too seriously. So we'll see what comes out of this."

Diplo has been working with Madonna in the studio, and he's been communicating with Skrillex between his sessions with the music legend. Skrillex says, "He's been texting me some videos and stuff, for sure, man. We talk probably ever day and we always send each other shit every day, for sure." With Jack U fans clamoring for new music, we can only hope that the messages between Diplo and Skrillex will yield an original Jack U track.

In regards to the current state of music and his future direction, Skrillex says, "There's actually such an awesome resurgence in underground dubstep that's happening in the U.S. right now that's taking a little bit more of a raw form. I'm really digging a lot of the 100 bpm music that's coming out now, guys like DJ Snake and Milo & Otis and DJ Mustard, who does all those hip-hop records. 'Recess' falls into that bpm even though it doesn't sound like traditional twerk or track music. It still has those influences, and the speed. I feel like I've been doing and playing a lot more of that lately. And drum-n-bass as well, man. There's been some amazing new drum-n-bass records coming out that have influenced me again. I haven't made a drum-n-bass record for a long time, so maybe that. It's just kind of whatever I'm feeling, you know? Even though the sonics change, as long as it works and as long as it makes people dance and has the energy, it doesn't really matter what bpm or what style it is -- for me, at least."

All of this news from Skrillex should have his fans very excited for the near future. After his massive album release, Skrillex is certainly keeping his momentum going. While he will always have his fair share of haters, 2014 is still shaping up to be the year of Skrillex within the EDM world.

[H/T: Billboard]

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