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EDM.com Spotlight

24-Year Old Dies From Health Complications At EDC LV

According to Clark County Officials, a 24-year-old man identified as Montgomery Tsang has been confirmed dead yesterday after attending Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas on Friday.

Tsung’s friend stated to city officials that he collapsed in the parking lot outside of the festival late Friday night. Tsang was then taken to University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead after arrival. Medical reports also confirm that the death was non drug-related and proposed to be tied to other medical conditions. 

EDC released the following statement yesterday: 

"Today we learned some very tragic news, that after attending the festival a guest of the show has passed away. We are deeply saddened by this news, and hope that everyone will join us in keeping his family and friends in their thoughts during this very difficult time. Dance music fans pride themselves in being part of a loving community and, as we get ready to start the second night of the show, we ask everyone to help us keep this event safe. Look after your group of friends, utilize the buddy system, and if you see something, say something. No one should ever hesitate to ask any of our medical staff, public safety personnel or Insomniac staff for help, or call 911 in case of an emergency. One death is one too many, and we all must do our part to keep each other safe, healthy and happy, tonight and every night." 

It’s always tragic to hear of a death occurring at such a positive gathering like EDC. We agree with Insomniac and encourage all EDC Las Vegas attendees to stay safe as the weekend carries on. In the mean time, we’ll keep you posted on anymore information surrounding the death.

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