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Food For Thought: EDM Workshops For The Youth

Recently, Times of India published an article about holding EDM workshops in order to promote awareness and generate interest around the genre. This struck me as an interesting idea, because it makes sense on so many levels. Instead of just going out to shows and experiencing the music live, why not have workshops and provide information to the general public about the work and involvement behind the tracks? Piyush Bhatnagar, also known as Sound Avtar, was quoted saying, "It is good to see that there is a lot of awareness about EDM in Vadodara and gigs like these always help. However, I feel that holding regular workshops by renowned DJs, who play at the leading festivals around the world, will go a long way in improving things even further. They can help in creating more awareness and also, in creating more fans for EDM." I think that there is a lot of truth behind Bhatnagar’s words.

Upon further research, I found that India has its own school dedicated to DJing called Global DJ, which focuses on teaching kids how to DJ and the art behind it. This includes everything from beatmatching to production. There are a few schools similar to this in the United States like Icon Collective in Los Angeles, Global DJ Academy in Denver, and Dubspot, which has schools in New York and Los Angeles. However, this idea should be taken to the next level.

The electronic music industry was recently valuated as a 6.2 billion dollar industry, with much of that revenue being pumped into promotion teams and big festivals. Imagine if some of that money was utilized in a more effective manner. For example, what if big name DJs and producers started working more with the youth and reinvesting profits from this billion dollar industry into the future? I think we could see some real progress with the way that EDM is seen—not only in our local scenes but on a global scale. Providing software and knowledge to kids who would normally not have access or the money to acquire these things by themselves would help keep them out of trouble. This would also promote the future of our scene and keep it alive for generations to come.

There are numerous benefits of having schools and workshops dedicated to EDM. It provides a creative outlet for one of the most overlooked and neglected groups of people in the world: the youth. If you think about it, the increasing rates of mental and physical health issues faced by youth today shows there is something wrong with the way we’re structuring society. What better way to express these feelings than through music?

Fostering kids’ interest in electronic music can help turn their favorite genre of music into their favorite hobby. They are already bombarded with electronic music. It plays all over the radio and some of the top grossing festivals are EDM related. Therefore, it makes sense to promote the entire network through workshops so that the youth can understand what they are listening to and see why it is important.

Workshops are an effective way to educate people on a specific topic. They help promote a deeper understanding through experiencing something first hand and talking about it with veterans. The image of EDM is one that is heavily linked with sex, drinking, and drugs, but we all know there is much more to it than the “ultra-glamorous” images we see of skinny girls dancing half-naked with flowers in their hair and boys flexing their muscles behind the decks and hyping a crowd. This superficial image that many people think of when they hear the phrase “Electronic Dance Music” is very one dimensional, and I know this movement of music has much more to offer. The benefits of these workshops would be incredible. They would support kids who have a musical interest at all ages and levels.These workshops could teach kids how to nurture creativity and cultivate friendships with people who have similar interests. It would also teach kids that there's more to EDM than just a rockstar lifestyle.

Written by Gabe Gilker

Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of EDM.com.

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