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EDM.com Spotlight

Top 3 Trance Tracks Of The Week Vol. 3

Progressive Track of the Week

Essonita - Like The Millions ft. Love Dimension (Upfly Remix)

We’re just going to be up-front with this one: Upfly’s remix of “Like The Millions” is absolute insanity. Not only does it have one of the most intense breakdowns and climaxes we’ve ever heard in a trance song, but it’s also exceptionally produced. When you consider the fact that Upfly himself seemed to have created a Soundcloud profile just so he could thank us for featuring it, it makes it all the more remarkable. We love discovering new talent here at EDM.com, and we certainly hope that this song’s respective writers and producers keep up the good work.

Tech Track of the Week

Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy - Atkinsane (Mark Sherry Remix)

In our eyes, Will Atkinson is one of the best trance producers out there, and it’s a wonder he isn’t a superstar at the same tier as DJs such as John O’Callaghan, Sean Tyas, and the like. Perhaps part of that could be due to how much longer those people have been producing and DJing, but with skills like Will’s, it still bewilders us. Of course, we had to support Atkinson's latest single (under his Darkboy alias), especially when Mark Sherry’s remix came along. This particular remix took what was already an incredible song and turned everything up to “11,” making its name truly appropriate. It’s definitely one to support.

Uplifting Track of the Week

Hiroki Nagamine – Aki

Every now and then, we need a classic-sounding uplifting song, and Hiroki Nagamine’s latest single on Blue Soho Recordings “Aki” satisfies that need perfectly. It’s not cheesy in the slightest, but rather sucks the listener right in like a black hole for exactly eight minutes of pure bliss. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a furious midnight drive down the highway, one that only heightens the focus of anybody caring to listen in a high-intensity scenario.

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