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EDM.com Spotlight

Snapchat's 'Our EDC Story' Proves To Be A Hit At EDC Las Vegas

Over the weekend, Snapchat unveiled a brand new feature that allowed users to share their photos and videos at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. The feature titled “Our EDC Story” allowed users to collectively share Snapchats to the same story in order to share their experience with anyone following username: “EDCLive.” Snapchat curated the story to prevent anything illegal from coming through, and just like the original “My Story,” Snapchats were automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Along with Insomniac’sEDC Curated” broadcast, “Our EDC Story” was a second option to view the festival in a more personal way. From photos of fans and performers, to videos of massive stages and laser shows, Snapchat proved to be a fun way to get a true glimpse of the festival. Although many of the Snapchats did not go through, possibly due to service problems, many of the ones that did were absolutely hilarious. Snapchat might have missed the mark with their "Free Wi-Fi," but their curated EDC Story was definitely a hit. 

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the festival this year, but I made sure to watch every single second of “EDCLive.” Thanks to Snapchat, I felt like I was there and at times it was even more entertaining than watching the EDC broadcast. I would really love to see Snapchat improve on this feature and use it at future festivals. I managed to take screenshots of many of the Snapchats and made a huge collage for all of your viewing pleasure. Check it out below and let us know if you see your Snapchat!

Cover Image by Doug Van Sant

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