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EDM.com Spotlight

'Back 2 Front' Premiere And Interview With Joel Fletcher & Reece Low

EDM.com recently premiered an upcoming collaboration between Melbourne Bounce icons Joel Fletcher Reece Low, and the track is already in the fast-lane to success. The surefire dancefloor destroyer is a powerful concoction of electro-house synths, Melbourne bounce bass lines, and progressive builds - essentially all the necessary elements of a modern festival anthem. With such a growing popularity in the Australia-born sound, it was a necessity that we spoke with both Fletcher & Low about working on "Back 2 Front," and learn a bit more about their views on the scene, producing, and more. Out on July 14th via Ministry of Sound, take a listen to the exclusive premiere of "Back 2 Front" below and step into the minds of these young and talented producers!

[EDM = EDM.com; JF = Joel Fletcher; RL = Reece Low]

EDM - You two have already worked on a number of remixes together - what inspired the collaboration for “Back 2 Front” this time around? Was there a preconceived sound in mind or was it was more of a “trial and error” process?

JF - We just wanted to make something bouncy! I pretty much started off with a drop and some chords and sent it over to Reece.

RL - I was actually in New Zealand for a show when Joel hit me up about the collaboration. When I heard a preview of what he had started on, I was instantly drawn to the track and accepted the offer to work on it with him. In regards to the process, I think all tracks I work on are more or less trial and error, I just keep working at it until I am 100% happy with it. Both Joel and myself are most definitely 100% happy with how this track polished up.

EDM - Any professional tips you two can divulge for the up-and-coming house producers out there?

JF - Try and be original, even if you're following the trend of a certain genre, try and put your own spin to it. If you're really keen on getting your music out there when you're just starting out, I’d say to release some tunes for free - it’s great for exposure!

RL - Yes definitely; biggest tip of all is to never give up and keep pushing until you have reached your goal. Never let anyone tell you "You're no good at this" or "Get a real job." I have received all sorts of comments like these, but I've never given up. I believe that if I push hard enough, I will get there, and I think I have done a good job so far.

EDM - The Melbourne Bounce sound is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, have you noticed any new trends in the genre’s developing sound or direction?

JF - The sound has definitely come a long way. You can hear major improvements in the sound. It’s not as basic and simple as it use to be, there’s a lot more ‘Music’ in it so to say. And I think a lot of the bigger EDM artists are starting to jump on board with the whole bounce movement too which is great!

RL - The "Melbourne Bounce" sound has dramatically blown up in multiple cities around the world over the last 2 years, and to be honest I never thought it would get to where it’s at today. At the moment there’s not really any specific new trends in the genre, but there is definitely more time and effort being put into the production of Melbourne Bounce.

EDM - What should we expect from you two in the coming festival months? Any big performances or releases worth mentioning?

JF - I’ve got plenty of new music coming! 3 new solo singles, a couple of collaborations (one with Will Sparks, one with Chuckie and obviously this one with Reece Low) along with a couple of remixes! Keep an ear out!

RL - I have plenty of great shows coming up throughout the year, including a 'SLAPJACK' national tour following the success Henry Fong and mine’s collaboration of the same name recently on Doorn Records. Release wise, I have a bunch of exciting collaborations in the works. One with Borgeous I am looking forward to, and one with Chardy & Timmy Trumpet. Both of these should be large.


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