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36 People Hospitalized During Avicii Concert At TD Garden In Boston

According to The Boston Globe, 36 people were hospitalized during last night's Avicii concert at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. 

It appears there were a variety of factors at play. The concert was held indoors, and it was an all-ages show. It can be dangerous for kids to attend EDM shows, as they likely haven't learned how to handle themselves in a party atmosphere. Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief William G. Gross said that most of the hospitalized attendees ranged in age from 16-25.

The fact that the concert was held indoors was a huge hassle for fans. Roisin Saratonion said, “You get really hot in there and you just pass out. You couldn’t breathe. It was claustrophobic. People get dehydrated.” She actually ended up leaving the show early due to the extreme heat.

Although the 36 hospitalizations is a large number, some of the people at the show thought that the situation was being blown out of proportion. Matt Mogavero said, “I bet there were rock and roll concerts in the ‘70s that were more out of hand than this."

In any case, this shows that people need to learn to party responsibly. If you're going to a show where the temperature will be high, you'll need to scale back the amount of alcohol (or anything else you plan on ingesting) and drink a lot of water. This happens far too often at EDM shows, and it's something that can be easily prevented.

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