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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 15

Drop what you're doing and listen very closely.

We're finally getting things back in order when it comes to compiling our dirtiest drops of the week. This recurring segment has been a bit more sporadic as of late, but hopefully Volume 15 can help restore some order to the dubstep universe. This fresh selection of drops showcases a tremendous amount of balance between these five separate compositions. While they all feel drastically different from one another, they all have one thing in common - the ability to get disturbingly filthy within a matter of seconds.

5. Alex Sin - Witchcraft (Ft. Coppa)

You could make a compelling case that all four tracks from Alex Sin’s new Shots Fired EP were attractive candidates for this week’s countdown. “Witchcraft” leads into its devilish drops with some simple piano chords and stellar hip-hop lyrics from Coppa. When the bass begins to hum and those yoys start coming at you left and right, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to defend yourself. Got a white flag lying nearby? Because now is the time to wave it like there’s no tomorrow! We’ll be the first ones to admit that there is not much variation in either of these buck-nasty drops, but we’ve always admired Alex Sin’s ferocious productions.

4. Midnight Tyrannosaurus - The Demon (Dack Janiels Remix)

This week’s sleeper comes to us courtesy of Dack Janiels. This is that type of dubstep that will make your throw a haymaker right through your computer screen! Hell, it’ll make you shot put your laptop (or desktop) directly through the nearest window with more force than an Olympic champion! This terrifying tune is that infamous kind of homicidal, tag-em and bag-em, bury them six feet deep style dubstep. Do you feel me? Listening to these disemboweling drops is essentially the equivalent of signing your soul over to the Grim Reaper. Dack Janiels dishes out the dirt with this unrelenting remix of Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ “The Demon.”

3. Eptic - Like A Boss (Barely Alive Remix)

If I am reading this correctly, Barely Alive has apparently constructed a preposterous remix of an Eptic classic. “Like A Boss” was considered one of the most popular dubstep songs back in the genre’s heyday - so when Never Say Die x UKF Vol. 3 was officially announced, we instinctually began to imagine how the thriving duo would attack this revised version. Following up the recent success of their Internet Streets EP, these two producers went to work on constructing a couple of traumatizing drops for this latest banger. And wouldn’t you know it, Barely Alive delivered once again!

2. Alex Sin - Spiteful (Ft. Coppa) (Ray Volpe Remix)

We already presented you with one track from Alex Sin’s Shots Fired EP, now we’re about to supply you with a second. The only difference is that this is a remix instead of an original. Ray Volpe has been receiving an awful lot of attention from other active producers in the bass music community, and even more so since putting out his kickass remix of “Spiteful” last week. Just like in “Witchcraft,” Coppa’s lyrics are used to string this entire tune together - but when it drops, boy does it ever! Wicked synth work, deranged melodies, and berserk bass is the perfect recipe for dirty drops. Ray Volpe was this week’s obvious runner-up.

1. Getter & Trampa - Bonesaw VIP

Well, chances are if you put Getter & Trampa on the same production, things are bound to get a little messier than usual. This VIP of “Bonesaw” isn’t just frightening - it’s downright malicious! When that evil laugh vocal sample goes off shortly before both of the drops, it’s just another bad sign foreshadowing your imminent demise. Nothing good has ever come from a laugh that overwhelmingly sinister. Additionally, the build-ups in this monster tune sound eerily similar to that of a national emergency system alarm. It’s almost as if these producers are giving you fair warning to protect yourself from the looming danger. You’ll be left scraping this grime out from between your teeth for the next few weeks.

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