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EDM.com Spotlight

Top 3 Trance Tracks Of The Week: Vol. 4

Progressive Track of the Week

Pconvolve - Cosmology (Matt Fax Remix)

Silk Music is undoubtedly one of the best homes out there for a progressive house or trance producer. With their variety of sublabels to suit multiple tastes, their releases regularly serve as uploads on our Trance channel. The latest remix album from them, aptly titled Silk Remixed 04, features a plethora of excellent tracks, but in our opinion, Matt Fax’s remix of “Cosmology” is the most masterful of them all. It’s an incredibly diverse track, one which traverses from relaxed and melodic progressive house to a gritty, distorted lead and powerful percussion. This is certainly a must-have for DJs wishing to transition between house and trance, not to mention for those simply desiring excellent music in their libraries.

Tech Track of the Week

TechTrek - Different Strokes For Different Folks (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix)

One of the areas where D.MAX Recordings tends to shine is in its remixers. Whoever manages A&R at the label has a knack for finding relatively unknown producers with a great amount of songwriting skill. This remix from R.E.L.O.A.D. is an excellent example of that fact. It’s the very definition of the word “banger,” combining an extraordinary amount of energy with some electro influences in the climax, not to mention a nicely varied lead synth to keep things interesting.

Uplifting Track of the Week

ReOrder - Beyond Horizons

When he’s not managing his Abora Recordings imprint known as Silent Shore Records or writing breathtaking music with Ian Standerwick under the Skypatrol alias, ReOrder releases his own gorgeous tracks. “Beyond Horizons” is most certainly an appropriate name for this song; it’s very easy to imagine oneself soaring through the clouds into the distance. With its beautiful lead and matching chord progression, ReOrder has absolutely outdone himself on this one.

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