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10 Acts You Can’t Afford To Miss At Infrasound Music Festival

It’s only a couple more days until Infrasound Music Festival officially takes over Black River Falls. WI. From Thursday, June 5 until early morning on Sunday, June 8, the sound waves of bass emanating from this festival will be felt all around Wisconsin. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the ten acts that you’d have to be crazy to pass up, so please make a point to pencil these producers into your busy schedule.

The Widdler

The Widdler is one name that plenty of you recognize by now. Known for being a reliable source when it comes to anything and everything deep dubstep, his set will certainly offer a welcomed change of pace for anybody looking to unwind from some of the heavier grime. His unparalleled productions are predicated on their wacky synth work and low-frequency bass lines, both of which are major selling points for dubstep junkies like myself. So basically, there’s going to be a lot of bouncing and wobbling going on during this particular performance. Prepare to have the spring put back into your step.

Ganja White Night

This duo out of Belgium doesn’t mess around. Especially when it comes to matters concerning massive bass tunes. Ganja White Night has really burst out of their shell during the past couple of years and if their rough-and-rugged releases have still yet to win you over, well, it’s only a matter of time. Trust us, with a sound this superb, every dubstep diehard from here to Timbuktu should come running every time they so much as let out a note. Notoriously nasty, splendidly skanky, and unfairly filthy are just some of the more popular terms frequently associated with their prepossessing productions. Ganja White Night’s set is guaranteed to light the stage on fire.


Another international bass music sensation, Juju brings us his bone-crushing sound fresh out of the Netherlands. This creative character was already a well-respected producer amongst his peers, but his recently released Title Track EP has quickly turned him into a fan favorite as well. After getting our first taste of songs like “Buju” & “Rap Snap,” we just had to have more. JPhelpz, Dubloadz, & D-Jahsta enthusiasts should definitely make it a priority to accommodate this guy’s grimy gig into your festival experience. Additionally, his arsenal of killer dubstep boasts collaborations with the likes of Bommer, Megalodon, & TrollPhace.


Nostalgia has been showcasing pure dubstep masterpieces to the masses for some time now. For a better idea of what this artist has been up to lately, I’d encourage you to take a look at either “Save Humanity” or “Ear Ringer.” However, when you dive deeper into this producer’s archives, you’ll notice that many of his previous works accentuate his versatile brand of bass music. If his live performance is even half as good as his studio material, this set easily has the potential to be one of the most memorable of the entire weekend. With support pouring in from Cookie Monsta, BAR9, MUST DIE!, Helicopter Showdown, Genetix, and more, you need to see Nostalgia sooner rather than later.


We’ve been seeing Bommer pop up all over the place. His popularity amongst the dubstep demographic has absolutely skyrocketed in recent months. Dark-and-dirty releases seem to be his specialty, but we know for a fact that this gentleman can whip up all types of wild womps and wobbles. Regardless of what stage he gets assigned to, I just pray the speakers are able to handle the heaviness. For those of you seeking that prime head-bobbing opportunity, this will be the ideal time to capitalize. Do yourself a solid and don’t think twice about attending Bommer’s display of dubstep dominance. It’ll be one of your most treasured highlights of the whole festival.  


Let me begin by saying that Haywyre might have deserved the 2013-2014 award for Most Improved Producer. Endowed with one of the most unique sounds that all of Infrasound has to offer, his off-the-wall approach to constructing EDM has always kept his admirers on their toes. From older multi-track releases like Infinite and The Voyage, to the relatively new Two Fold: Pt 1, this youngster’s exceptionally diverse tracks have never had any trouble catching our attention. Part glitch, part funk, and 100% original, everything this producer so much as ever lays a finger on immediately turns to gold. Be sure to make some room in your schedule for Haywyre, you’ll be very glad you did.


Cyberoptics has two separate performances arranged for the festival. However, they will be drastically - and we stress drastically - different from one another. Why is that, you ask? Well, for starters, he won’t even be performing any of the same tunes in either set. While Infrasound is obviously ready to receive the normal Cyberoptics treatment, which we’re positive will be nothing short of spectacular, his alternate/downtempo set could also end up bring one of the secret gems of this entire gathering. Either way, it’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it. Cyberoptics is sure to leave you feeling like a champ.


As far as dubstep veterans touring on the summer festival circuit, very few have developed a better reputation than Minnesota. Plus, with his Voyager release officially surfacing less than a month ago, we’d imagine that he has a little extra incentive to showboat with some of these newer songs. And honestly, who can blame him? From day one, his stunning style of dubstep has always had a way of keeping us completely mesmerized. I can’t recall another producer/DJ that compiles a stronger song selection on a more consistent basis than this fellow right here. Minnesota possesses an innate ability to flawlessly combine today’s biggest dubstep hits along with a smattering of his exhilarating originals.


St. Louis has a nice little showing at this festival. First, it was Bommer, and now it’s JPhelpz. The only major difference between these producers is that the latter has without question established himself as one of the premier names in destructive dubstep. After putting out his gigantic Genius LP through Prime Audio a couple weeks ago, this bass music mastermind now turns his attention to the June 24th release date for his Living Dead EP on Firepower Records. I’ve only seen this producer perform live on two occasions, but each time, he unloaded an hour of some of the most downright wicked dubstep I’ve ever laid my ears on. JPhelpz better be right near the top of your must-see list at Infrasound.


You could make the argument that Tipper is the only artist featured in this segment that would not be considered a typical EDM act. With that being said, if we didn’t find a way to toss this magnificent musician’s name out there, we’d be making a massive mistake. This producer is slated to perform on two separate nights, so you should have ample time to make it out to at least one of his unforgettable shows. Now, the thing that distinguishes this guy from everybody else at Infrasound is the fact that his in-set visuals are equally as breathtaking as the audio. He clearly strives to make his audience feel very involved in the entire experience. Prepare yourself to take in the trippy vibes of Tipper.  

Honorable Mentions: The Polish Ambassador | Michal Menert | Grimblee

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