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EDM.com Spotlight

To All The Aspiring Producers

Slowly, an idea creeps into the mind of the unsuspecting vessel who awakes to the realization that their passion for living is so incredibly unfathomable that they feel the insatiable need to create art in order to express the emotions they feel about this non-stop experience called life. These people are the creators of a language that speaks in chords and tones; the crafters of an invisible entity that we can hear and feel. These people are musicians. 

For the greater percentage of the human population, many of us do not create the sounds we hear. However, we give them meaning simply by hearing them. Without a listener, music cannot exist. 

But for those who have heeded the calling of the sound, they are the ones who define our generation and our current place in time with relevant culture infused dynamics, which are entwined with rhythms and notes as they spill from the speakers and into our ears and give meaning to life. 

Once an individual has awakened to this walk of life, there are dozens of obstacles they have unwillingly aligned with their future. Some of these experiences are magnificent while others are extremely difficult. Any form of artist faces a tribulation of ritualistic marathons they must forego depending on the nature and intention of their creations. For those who simply wish to create without the ultimate goal of turning their passion into a financially stabilizing lifestyle, the road is easy and endearing. A massive weight of responsibility is automatically removed from their shoulders. 

However, those who find themselves in a greater pursuit for something far more difficult to attain strain their aching bodies and creative strengths amidst a vast and unending sea of fellow musicians and artists alike. They all aim to capture the same exact dream: wealth, success, traveling the globe, armies of dedicated fans, and the freedom to musically express oneself to a massive audience. 

One of the first difficulties that lies down the road of this ambition is a monster named "Doubt." Many sound crafters discover this beast about six months into their journey, and this creature is the gate keeper of success. The music industry is a game, and this is the boss you must defeat. This monster separates the strong from the weak as giving up is far too easy. Those who choose to battle doubt will find that it is a very long and enduring crusade.

But fear not, fellow artist. Like any tribulation in life, the reward is worth the war. The intention of these words are to simply inform you that regardless of how difficult things may become and no matter how impossible the goal may seem, your dream is a seed that is watered by your persistence. I guarantee you that so long as you continue to water this seed, it will bloom into an alternate reality known as real life. 

As you look up to the artists who have put in their hard work and found their success, do not be intimidated. At one point, they were in your shoes. Each star was originally an aspiring creator who was producing new sounds and hustling their music in every possible direction just to catch a glimmer of this lifestyle. 

After years of hard work, disciplined dedication, and defeating the monster named "Doubt," you will finally find yourself on that stage standing in front of that crowd. It will be in this very moment when you find bliss.

Now get inspired, get passionate, and go get 'em.

Written by David Lee Crow

Cover photo credit: Getty Images

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