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EDM.com Spotlight

Drai's Launches Las Vegas Strip-Based EDM Record Label

Drai's Entertainment has made a splash in the EDM industry by announcing After Hours, their new record label. They are partnering with Turn First Artists and Capitol Records on the venture. The news comes shortly after the grand opening of Drai's Beach Club & Nightclub in The Cromwell Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Drai's partnership with Turn First and Capitol aims to provide their artists with the best label experience possible. With Turn First, their artists will receive hands-on management, including A&R expertise. Capitol will provide their product marketing and overall music industry skills. Drai's Entertainment will offer their label roster residencies to Drai's Beach Club & Nightclub, Drai's After Hours, and Liaison Nightclub. 

While the idea of an EDM label based on the Strip might sound crazy on the surface, the resources Drai's can offer artists is very enticing. Obtaining a residency at the hottest new dayclub and nightclub on the Strip is something other labels can't guarantee. Last week, we wrote about how impressive Drai's new venues are, and we know that potential new artists will be wowed by the prospect of holding a Drai's residency. 

Victor Drai, founder of the Drai's empire, says, "With all of our clubs and venues open literally at the center of the Las Vegas Strip - Drai's Beach Club • Nightclub, After Hours and Liaison - we are immersed in EDM culture. We have created the most spectacular venues to feature artists nightly in front of thousands of guests from around the globe. Having a record label is the next logical step for Drai’s Enterprises. We are looking forward to discovering and showcasing the next generation of music.”

Sarah Stennett, CEO of Turn First Artists, explains, "We all share a unique vision to launch the first dance label on the strip in Vegas. We have a unique platform to break and develop talented DJ producers. The artists who work with us will be developed with a unique opportunity to DJ as a resident at one of the most exciting clubs in the world. These artists will be able to release through a label that has the clout of a major and the bespoke services of a fast moving independent dance label. The core team is hugely ambitious and experienced and the infrastructure we have set up around the label will yield very significant early successes."

Capitol Chairman & CEO Steve Barnett adds, "All of us at Capitol are very excited about After Hours and our partnerships with Turn First Artists and Drai’s Entertainment. With Drai’s providing our joint venture with an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind nightclub venue in Las Vegas, we have an exciting platform from which to accelerate the careers of artists in the EDM realm and share their talents with audiences around the world.”

Additionally, Duncan King, former Mau5trap label manager, will be an integral part of the After Hours label.

It'll be interesting to witness the evolution of this record label. If After Hours thrives, other nightclubs on the Strip might start their own record labels. This label is further proof of the dance music takeover in Las Vegas. Sin City has quickly become one of the world's dance music hubs, and this record label will strengthen the city's reputation as an EDM power player.

Cover photo credit: Drai's Facebook

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